I Ain't Wastin' No More Time (Chiptune)
  • I Ain't Wastin' No More Time (Chiptune)
  • Em-One

Whoo! This song has such a good chorus, I couldn’t help myself.
Still not sure how to get the talk/rap parts in chiptune form so… silence this time.

Em-One is awesome.

"Journeys end in lover’s meeting…" - Twelfth Night, Act II, Scene III


“My songs have bits of emotions and feelings I’ve felt over the years and wanted to find homes for them via music.”


so I was bored and came up with an idea of consorts finding an alchemiters on kids’ planets and deciding to create a squad of scientist who will do alchemizing experiments by alchemizing whatever they alchemize sooo I drew this squad of consorts ok

Karl Salamander Müller

he leads the squad and makes the alchemizations

Croc Jobs

he introduces the new items to the world and takes care of finances

(you can’t see his teeth because of the white background idk how to make it transparent sorry)

Turtlen Hawking

he comes up with the greatest ideas and makes alchemizations along with Karl

Iguanai Tesla

tests the gadgets and alchemizes the dangerous stuff

as an extra you can have Croc in party just because I found out a nice way to animate it

(actually just because you can see his teeth now)