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“she was always there for him, he didn’t even have to ask… but he was too blind to notice.”

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heey i'm back w/ some of my stupid ideas for that college au (if people still remember that?)! so i saw a t-shirt that says 'no thanks' and i thought that kenma would definitely wear it. so when kuroo says stupid/flirty stuff like 'well if u don't find anyone nice from this party, you can always take me home ;))' kenma just points/nods towards his shirt and walks away, leaving kuroo even more smitten.

WELCOME BACK!!! and welcome back college au heck yeaH

i need a drawing of kenma wearing a shirt that says no thanks oh my god

kenma doesn’t even have to speak, he just gestures to his shirt. kuroo will ask a bunch of questions, but it’s always the same.
does he want a drink? no thanks.
 does he want to dance around and party hard? no thanks.
hey, you’ve been pretty quiet, want me to leave you alone? 
and in that moment kenma just stares at kuroo for a short while before giving a tiny smile and pointing to his shirt again


Re-posting these from 2013 for Ali aka deliberately because KAUFMAN’S 5EVER.


Bayern fans march on Rome!

Carmilla childhood AU where they go to a really small private school, so they’re in the same classes all throughout elementary and middle school, and instead of being bffls the whole time, they pretty much hate each other until they reach high school where they’re both side eyeing each other like “wtf, when did the spawn of Satan get so hot?”

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me today: *goes home*...*goes for daily check on your blog* ....*sees the update* HELL YES *goes and grabs a bunch of snacks * sits down* *reads through everything new instead of doing homework and whatnot (because priorities in life XD) it's okay I will finish my homework later ^ω^- Tsubasa anon

You are basically Keroberos in this scenario and I love it.