547. When Stephanie and Tim were dating, they could be locked in his room together at night for all anyone cared--but when Conner came over, he had to sleep on a totally different floor of the manor and wasn't allowed in Tim's room alone with him. Tim was, understandably, bewildered by this. Turns out he was the last person to realise that Stephanie was just his beard.

Submitted by scaly-green-panties.

487. Tim was a virgin for the longest time. Jason, Dick, and Damian had already lost their virginity, in that order. Tim tried his hardest to keep it a secret but it wasn’t long before the boys found out. They ended up locking him in a room with Kon for several hours after that. To this day no one knows what happened in that room. But Tim seemed a bit happier.

Submitted by intermsyouwillunderstand.