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Are you and zac actually gay?

We don’t like to put a label on it, anon. All you need to know is that we have a deep and profound love, based on mutual respect and really hot sex. 

Aah, I’m just kidding. We do put a label on it - TIMBERFRON, bitchessss!

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5 most beautiful girls here

Beauty comes from within, anon. Didn’t your mama teach you that? Having said that, there is one gorgeous girl who has caught my eye. Britney Spears Zac Efron (he is my princess)

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Zac or Katie?

MY GOD WHYYYY? This is so unfair, anon. How can I choose between my left lung and my right lung? I might survive without one but every day would be a struggle. I just wouldn’t be the same without either one of them.