DIY: Custom Scrabble Coasters


I love the way these Scrabble Tile coasters turned out, and you can customize them with different words. Maybe even use blank tiles (or the back) to make spaces in between words to write a message.

You don’t have to buy a dozen Scrabble games to do this project; You can buy a pack of 100 tiles for less than $5 on Amazon. This opens up so many possibilities!

You will need:

  • A package of square edged Scrabble tiles

  • E-6000 glue
  • 1 thin cork board or pre-cut cork coasters
  • Sharp scissors or an X-acto knife
  • Clear Polyurethane spray

*I purchased two packs of 100-letters from Amazon for more variety of letters (ran out of C’s and P’s with the first package).

It’s time to Craft!

First chose 16 four-letter words (four words for each coaster). I decided to theme each coaster: Coffee, Tea, Beer and Wine.

Using the E-6000, glue each letter by row to cork. I tried to get a little glue in between each letter so they would adhere together neatly. Align top of first word to top of cork square.


Continue glueing for each letter on each coaster, trying to keep letters in line and straight.


Once each coaster is done, stack under a heavy book to ensure they dry flat. As you can see, the pre-cut cork coasters I bought were larger than my planned square size, but it helped for aligning the letters first to the top. It was simple to trim cork after drying.


Allow coasters to dry for 1 hour. Using sharp scissors or an X-acto knife, carefully trim excess cork from square.


Place tiles on paper bag or newspaper. Follow directions on spray bottle of polyurethane to coat tiles. I coated mine with one layer, let dry for 10 minutes and then coated again. The spray sealed the tiles from water damage and gave them a semi-glossy sheen.


Ta-dah! I love the way the coasters turned out and am having a hard time with the thought of giving them away as gifts.


*** Thank you to Gabriela Rodiles of the Gourmet Gab for sharing this fun tutorial with us.


Persian Painted Tile Work from the 18th and 19th century – The Shiraz School by Hadi Seif. Arnoldsche Art Publishers.

Something special: A wonderful book for anyone who likes to indulge into the fascinating world of persian tiles. It is focused on the “haft rang”, the seven colors and shows many fine examples of islamic art & crafts and a richness of pictorial elements, based on persian folk tales.