littlelakegirl( meme: x - zombie au )

It had been chaos. 

They had made it out of town, alive, but Bard nor her
two oldest were picking up their phones. She banged
her fist against the wheel as she pulled over on the
side of the road. She and Tilda went to the archery
ring while Bard had taken Brian and Sgirid up the
cabin a day early. 

She glanced next to her.

                      “You know how bad cell phone
                      service is up there. I’m sure
                      they’re fine, baby.”


Barduil - Mermaid AU

- Chibi doodles 

- “ Lyrical Lake “ (long long story below XD )

(this was just a random idea that has been in my sketchbook for a while now. Decided to make some shorties about it for the fun :D )

It’s an AU where Tilda finds an injured mermaid!Legolas (mermaids are considered dangerous and are being hunted down ; V ; ) in the lake behind their house. She quickly runs to her siblings and with Sigrid being a nurse-in-training, quickly takes care of him. The Bardlings try their best to hide his presence from their Da, and ends up hiding Leggy away in the old little abandoned boathouse left by the neighbours to recover.

After a few days, Bard starts to get suspicious of his children and eventually 

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