This is probably my favorite shot of Sasha and Tilda this season, it’s not the prettiest, it was shot with a flash but it was such a nice moment. I was with another blogger Clara (from claraborde.tumblr) and we were waiting to shoot some streetstyle pictures of models, we were about to leave when we saw the girls talking. It was the first time I saw Sasha being that nice and relax and I don’t know why but it’s one of my best memory of this entire Paris Fashion Week.

Tilda Swinton as the Great Madame D.: A Klimt Painting Come to Life

“Wes described Madame D. as a very wealthy art collector about 90 years old, eccentric and beautiful. He had a great prosthetics makeup team to age Tilda Swinton to look old but still very attractive. As Wes envisioned, she collects Klimts, so I printed a Klimt-inspired pattern for her velvet costumes. I rendered the whole look on Photoshop, including the hairstyle and the hat to go with it.” - Milena Canonero