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Aqua Kitty - Milk Mine Defender STEAM Trailer by Tikipod

Aqua Kitty wins PSM Game of Year 2012 at

Aqua Kitty not only features an amazing premise for a game but it also includes truly fantastic gameplay. In a platform that contains over a handful of quality titles this was the one that sold me on PSM.

Developed by Tikipod with music and sound from Electric Cafe.

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Crashing down onto PlayStation Mobile on the 24th October 2012, the game will be available to buy from the PSN store.

If you own a PSVita, to find the game first enter the PS store, then select the “PlayStation Mobile” tab at the top of the screen.

Rock Boshers DX is an insanely retro 2D pixel arcade shooter adventure, modelled around 8bit ZX Spectrum hardware limitations.

Get ready to take a trip back to the 80s, the 1880s!
Victorian explorers are heading to Mars, seeking fortune and adventure, what could possibly go wrong…?

Created to look, feel and sound like a ZX Spectrum styled videogame from the 1980s - Rock Boshers DX mixes top down and side on 8-way directional shooting action.

See amazing sights as you journey across Mars - drawn from an eye popping palette of 15 colours.

Prepare to bosh rocks! - with only the occasional break for tea and scones.

  • Top-down 8-way directional shooting.
  • Amazing 8-bit pixel art drawn from an eye-popping palette of 15 colours.
  • Authentic 8-bit music and sound effects.
  • Revisit the 1980s, with snack friendly 12 minute load times.
  • Special turbo-load feature that eliminates those tedious load times.
  • Time completion challenges for each of the 22 levels.
  • Hunt for Tea, Cheddar and Scones.
  • Battle a variety of increasingly challenging enemies.
  • Brand new levels as well as reworked ones from original.
  • Rocks! lots and lots of rocks to bosh.

Development team: Art - Dugan, with music and sounds effects by Electric Cafe

Kotaku review for Aqua Kitty by Mike Fahey

The last word in the title is key. This game is like the classic arcade side-scrolling shooter Defender. Except it stars cats. Who mine. Underwater. For milk. The pixel art is retro. The controls are simple and well-mapped to the Vita’s sticks and buttons. This is a good arcade-style throwback, wrapped in an odd but not annoying theme.

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Dugan from Tikipod has just put together this awesome music video for Aqua Kitty. See the cats thrash out the tune `KITTY ROCK`:


Aqua Kitty Soundtrack is available to download from:

iTunes -
Bandcamp -
Amazon -

PSPMinis review of the Aqua Kitty Soundtrack by JeremyR

The soundtrack for Aqua Kitty, perhaps the cutest update of a retro arcade classic ever, is now on sale at Bandcamp. At £3.99 I think it’s more expensive than the game, but the music really is excellent.

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Also read the review of the game by Ofaliss

Not only is the game visually stunning, it sounds delicious. The old-school-inspired chiptune soundtrack is just terrific. Electric Cafe really put their best foot forward with it. The gunfire makes that cool PEW PEW sound, and it just breaks your heart to hear the sound your kitty pilot makes when his kitty sub is blown up. The game controls as wonderfully as it looks and sounds.

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Droid Gamers review of the Aqua Kitty Soundtrack

By Andrew Huff

We don’t usually report on soundtracks to games that often and when we do it is usually in passing when talking about something like the Humble Bundle. Well if you’re a fan of chiptunes then you are in for a treat as the Aqua Kitty soundtrack is now on sale and available for download. The soundtrack for Aqua Kitty sports some absolutely great chiptune tracks, all featured in the actual Playstation Mobile game as well.

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