After a long day of picking and listing, a tiki beverage is just what the doctor ordered. It’s a Painkiller, served in a Maui Lu Luau tiki mug, dressed with a Continental Airlines to Hawaii pineapple swizzle stick. Even my booze is vintage!
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"Sing like a Tiki Bird" (Enchanted Tiki Room) 2014   is one of the art work for the signing that I am doing at WonderGround Gallery downtown Disney this Nov. 15th from 11am-1pm.


Derp Emblem: Like Father like Daughter

Request from Actualmermanharu!

I believe I failed to mention the Tiki!Morgan is Xane’s daughter. This is because in my Lunatic runthrough in which I plan to marry Tiki my M!MU is based off of Xane! And I would love to see fanart of him in Nowi’s clothing.

Also a quick mention that Tiki!Morgan’s manakete outfit in these comics is not the Nowi one, and that I designed my own take to make her original!