Dear Tiger Airways,

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I have flown Tiger three times before (before your grounding) and each time was met with long delays, bad service and cancelled flights. The last time I thought enough is enough and promised myself, like so many others, ‘NEVER AGAIN’. But like so many others I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to give you ‘one last chance’ and take advantage of a cheap flight. After tonight though I can now safely say, NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN!

I arrived at Sydney airport with plenty of time to get the 7:15 TT246 flight to the Gold Coast, eager to farewell a good friend tomorrow who is moving to the UK and to see my new niece on Sunday. Boarding time rolled around and with no staff or plane in sight I started to get concerned. Eventually the screen tells us the flight is delayed 20 minutes… and 20 minutes later the screen tells us the flight is cancelled.

With no staff around a few people made their way to the check in desks, however the staff have no answers and direct us to line up through security and go back to the gate. Here we’re met with no explanation of why the flight was cancelled or told our options. Any information we’re given is passed through the line of errate customers waiting to find out what we can do. The option? Get a flight at 3pm tomorrow or just not go at all.

I’m still unsure of why this flight was cancelled when a Tiger flight arrived from the Gold Coast around the time ours was meant to leave. All I know is I wasted 3 hours of my time, over $30 in travel getting to and from the airport and will not get to see my friend before she leaves to live overseas or my newly born niece. 

Thank you Tiger for a truly terrible experience and for anyone reading this who has thought you may give Tiger ‘one more chance’ it is not worth it and the only way we can make them change is by NOT booking that flight!!! 

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