This is one of the many reasons I love the Timber’s Army and am proud to be a member of section 104 Charlie Company. These photos are of the Mother’s Day match against the Chivas. The only photo which belongs to me is the one of the 107ist brochure. 

“"The Timbers Army has had a ‘zero-tolerance for intolerance’ policy since its inception in 2001,’" Goldman-Armstrong told MLSsoccer.com. "Our display in honor of the International Day Against Homophobia demonstrates our commitment to making certain all people are welcome at the beautiful game, on the pitch and off of it. …As the language San Jose’s Alan Gordon used to attack captain Will Johnson shows, homophobia is still a real issue in North American sports. As supporters, we must do our best to show that there is no room for such bigotry in our sport. Sunday’s display is an indication of that sentiment.”

-“Timbers Army tifo makes simple statement about homophobia: “Pride, Not Prejudice”" by Andy Edwards, mlssoccer.com


In this weekend’s Portugal v Turkey friendly, Portugal’s fans got futuristic and set up a tifo on a bunch of tablet computers. The result isn’t as stunning as we’ve seen some teams do, but it is quite interesting and there is some fun potential there. Though, we think that if you’re not doing your tifo with CRT monitors, you’re not even trying.

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ŠK Slovan Bratislava ultras at a U-12 Unicef Cup indoor game. 

 "no TV organization is interested in what the fans want but without the shouting and movement of the people football is nothing. the history of football lies in passion. and it will always be like this. without the passion football is dead: only 11 men on a field kicking a ball around. basically complete bullshit. it’s the supporters who make football something important."