Because I can and I will.

By no means am I being ignorant, but I will say and do whatever makes me content. Life is too short to abide by the expectations of others and media. If I said something to hurt your pride, suck it up. If you felt uncomfortable with my words, then too bad. And if you believed what I profess to be wrong, well then, I don’t want to be right.

Again, this is not about being ignorant, but simply being expressive in one’s own opinions. If I can’t even do that, then what am I living for?



tiffsaysall replied to your post: Drama Review: Reply 1997

I literally just finished watching this. Reply 1997 was great. Awesome character development, great usage of jumping from present, future, and past. Scriptwriters did an excellent job not dragging the story. And the kissing scenes weren’t awkward.

You’re 100% correct. It’s honestly become one of my favorite dramas. The story never lagged and never made the audience feel bored or frustrating. It’s funny because they were dancing on a fine line with the whole baby daddy situation, but it was done so well I never felt like it was dragged on. The writers did an excellent job in that aspect. 

I think all of the actors just had a genuine connection with each other which is why there was no awkwardness in any of the scenes. I’ve seen GIFs on Tumblr of Seo In Guk at Infinite’s concerts playing in the back with Hoya and then he even called Eun Ji when him and Eun Ji Won were on Taxi. 

LOL this drama kinda reminded me of How I Met Your Mother with the jumping from past to present to future. But for a drama series it was original and a nice change. The plot wasn’t something complex and the writers didn’t try to make the drama more serious then it should be. 

Tiffany is Popular

Technically, I know everybody in this world indirectly even if I’ve never met them before. How does that work?

I have a friend, who knows this friend, who knows this guy, who has a sister whose boyfriend dated this celebrity, who sold something to this man, who got thrown in jail by this officer, who married this one dude from a reality show, who actually didn’t even in in America, whose relatives knew these people from another place, who by blood, is related to me.

See how that works? So basically, everybody knows everybody. And thus, Tiffany is popular.

Post-Christmas Outing

Today’s adventure took place at Gilroy Premium Outlets. This is like my official Go-To place for all day shopping.

Prices were dramatically marked down because it is the day after Christmas, although much of the clothes just looked plain in my eyes. The stores that I would usually scavenge at(Tommy, Ralph, and Off Saks) were bland and boring. Sad.

But fortunately, one store still held the hopes high for me. I ended up walking out of J. Crew with three pieces of clothing for $85 total.

  1. Tweed and Silk Joey Dress
  2. Red Wool Town Skirt
  3. SeaFoam-Green Mohair Cardigan

Taste of Formosa Review

A two-story Taiwanese Restaurant located on Clement Street in the city of San Francisco.

Food Quality: 2 Stars

  • The cuisine served here is delicious. I think this is by far the best Taiwanese restaurant in SF. The chicken I ordered had just enough flavoring to be tasty yet not over-powering. The most memorable dish was the Scallion Pancake. Even though I am completely full now, I still wouldn’t mind for more. The texture was crispy and golden-brown. Cooked just right for those flour lovers.

Presentation: 1 Star

  • Clean. The dish set was very modern, Asian, cute, and easy on the eyes.

Portion and Pricing: Half Star

  • The portions are on the small side. I went out to eat in a total group of three and had to order six things with only 1 thing left to take away. I wouldn’t say the price is expensive, but it is not cheap either.

Customer Service: Half Star

  • The overall service was acceptable. The only occasion which made me frown was when I called the waiter over to ask where the remainder of our food was when she insisted that I didn’t order previously what I said I did. According to my knowledge on customer relations, the guest is always right. Her assertiveness in saying I didn’t order something offended me just a tad to give them a full star.

Overall: 4 Stars

My personal opinion? I like it. A quiet, modern home-styled restaurant with genuine Asian cuisine. Definitely worth going to for family dinners, business meetings, adventurous outings, and dates. The only warning I will signal is that they served Stinky Tofu. And yes, you will smell it if someone in the restaurant orders it.

(*Finding available parking spaces in this neighborhood is like trying to scavenge for cute things in the Sale section of an Urban Outfitters store - a challenge.)

Why is it that I can’t resist the temptation of shopping? Knowing that the wise decision is to save up for Black Friday or the Christmas season, that was exactly what I didn’t do today. I feel guilty about splurging on things I don’t need in particular, but feel like I must have. Let’s hope I still have enough for the 25th of this month.


Tai Wu Mr. Fong’s Restaurant Review (For Dim Sum)

An Asian restaurant that serves both Dim Sum and sit-down dinner.

Food Quality: 2 Stars

  • Try the Malay Sponge Cake and the Egg Custard Tart definitely. Wide variety of tasty Dim Sum as an alternate choice other than Chinatown, San Francisco or Koi Palace.

Presentation: Half Star

  • As how Dim Sum usually looks, there is not much to look at but the food on the plate. Place is relatively clean. The only down side is the bathroom, which reminds me of the prison with its tacky metal interior.

Portion and Pricing: 1 Star

  • As per usual with the size of 3-4 pieces for small items and 2 pieces for large items. Pricing is affordable and reasonable.

Customer Service: 1 Star

  • Good. Canceling an order is possible if they have not already made it. Waiters are quick on their feet as it should be with Dim Sum places.

Overall: 4 and Half Stars

Looking for a reasonably priced, but genuine Dim Sum? This is the place to check out. My advice is to go before the late hours of 12-1 PM or on holidays. The waiting is long.

I could probably lose 5 pounds...

So I just changed my bed sheets, pillow covers, and duvet covers. Boy, did I work up a sweat!

This could turn into my daily exercise by just tossing, pounding, rearranging, and swinging around my covers. I probably worked off more than 50 calories just now.

I feel my heart beat increase like a person with high blood pressure.


Cooking PaPa Review

This Hong Kong Cafe is located in Foster City. The location reminds me a lot of Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco for some reason.

Food Quality: 1 star

  • The food was just alright. Nothing spectacular to elaborate on.

Presentation: 1 star

  • Very presentable. There were tables where you were allowed to sit in that made you feel as if you were eating in a boat atop the river.
  • Clean.
  • Food looked clean and nicely placed.

Portion and Pricing: 1 star

  • Affordable.

Customer Service: No star

  • If I were to put it in one word: Rude. There was no staff that greeted you upon entering the restaurant. When they directed you to the table, no words were exchanged as they nodded in some direction that you wouldn’t catch if you didn’t speak sign language. And if you didn’t understand something that wasn’t stated in the menu, they expect that you do. The waiters, at least the one that served me, spoke with a very evident attitude that asserted a tone that was not amiable at all.

Overall: 3 of 5 stars

  • Worth going to for the view and decent food, but doesn’t seem to be those favorite restaurants that you would make a return to.
Friendships and Relationships

Friendship and lover relationship work the same way; both need to be a collaborative effort. It can’t just be one person trying to keep the strings together…it’ll come undone.

Often times, any type of companionship will be put to the test by distance. When that time comes, this separation has to be held together by both hands. There is no way for this bond to last if only one side makes the effort. As the days pass, the hands that once were locked tight, start to loosen. There is no doubt that these fingers will begin to dangle. The responsibility to renew the grip-hold is up to both parties.

It is sad, really, to witness and experience this type of loss. The strong, indescribable connection that was once there starts to dissipate. The worse thing about this is, that it was observed from front-stage. 

We see it rot. We see it deteriorate. We see it die.

We tried to save it, but if the person at the other end isn’t pulling…well, then…

Game Over.