Ulta Nail Lacquer Haul

This is the revamped ULTA nail lacquer. New look, same lacquer. It is currently on sale for $2, regularly $6.

Vintage Violet, Ginger Peach, Taupe on a Rope, Army of 1, Smoke Screen

Older square bottles. Regularly $2. You can find these in clearance or online. This bottle actually has more product than the newer ones:

X-Dry, After Party, Pinata Yada, Material Girl

Gin & Berry It, Plum Perfect, The Jungle Look, Envy

Sun-sational, Love My Blackberry, Sunset Bronze, Sweet Nothing

Femme Fatal, Scene Steel-er, Steppin Out, Wicked

Mint Condition, Chocolate Kiss, Limelight, Devious

The quality of ULTA nail lacquer is excellent!

March Followers

Shout out to everyone that followed me this March. I love new friends :)

(Alphabetical order)

I cut my nails short

If you’ve messaged me within the last month, then you probably already know why. Stay tuned for more posts about this.

(I thought I was going to regret cutting them, but I really like them! I forgot how easy and fast a manicure can be when your nails are short :)

I have a lot of NOTD pictures from the past 5 months that I will continue to post.