so i don’t know if i’m supposed to feel loved that my friends took time from their lunch to stick notes with duct tape on my car or hate them for making me clean up this mess… lol still love you guys, sometimes


In all honesty, it still hasn’t hit me that I have actually graduated, even though we went through the whole ceremony and what not. But even so, it still will be a day to remember. 

On a complete tangent, even though waiting in line to pick up my diploma sucked, free subway made up for it. Oh and they had jumpers but I didn’t use it because I wanted to get home to cut my hair. Goodbye SHHS :’) I’m definitely going to miss this school that I’ve grown to love. 

so uhm, since we got out early today i drove erryone to boiling point and yah best food ever. then on the way back i flipped off da carz on the freeway even though they didnt see me and while dancing to the song “fuck off” and den chest popped and freestyled all the way home. im so cool omg. k yeah im so gH3tt0 N@stY gr8 day