It's an Interview Of KARRUECHE for 1two.

BRENN/1TWO: Rollcall?

KARRUECHE: Karrueche Tientrese Tran

AURIELLE: Aurielle Sayeh Rousanville

BRENN/1TWO: Nicknames?

KARRUECHE: kae… Coochie.. Rruech.. Little Foot.. the list goes on.

AURIELLE: Auri, bees



AURIELLE: Twenty four

BRENN/1TWO: Home Town?

KARRUECHE: Los Angeles, CA


BRENN/1TWO:Good girl, Bad girl, or in the middle?

KARRUECHE: directly in between.

AURIELLE: Good girl when I’m single. Bad girl when I’m in love.

BRENN/1TWO: Single, Taken or non of our business?

KARRUECHEI’m singley taken but it’s none of your business 

AURIELLE: It’s complicated. Moving to new york tomorrow! So I’m on a bettering myself path.

BRENN/1TWO:How would you describe your style?


AURIELLE: I’m breezy. I like simple well fitted shapes. Rachel bilson’s style is my favorite. I’m into white tees, greys, jeans and blazers.

BRENN/1TWO:Name one thing no man should do without

KARRUECHEa great woman.

AURIELLE: A good work ethic. It’s hella attractive.

BRENN/1TWO: Any tattoos?

KARRUECHE: ’the past is practice’ on the side of my wrist. where there is love, there is life’ on my forearm. ‘A beautiful life does not just happen, it is built daily by prayer, humility, sacrifice, and love. May that beautiful life be yours always.’ side of my ribs. ‘An ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship’ in Arabic on my spine. A zipper going down the back of my right leg

BRENN/1TWO: Any upcoming projects you wanted to plug or shoutouts you want to get off before we get out of here?

KARRUECHE: um. lookout for PYNK magazine 

AURIELLE: I am auditioning in new york at the end of the month for a show that we all wish was our real lives. Here’s a hint: you know you love me, xoxo GG