Step 1 – Apply Deborah Lippmann Base Coat of choice to all nails. Once dry, work on one nail at a time, and apply On The Beach to half the nail. 

Step 2 – Apply Between The Sheets to the other half of the nail. Don’t worry about making straight lines — the messier the better!

Step 3 - In the middle of the nail, swipe a small amount of Call Me Irresponsible up and down the nail to create small zig-zag shapes between On The Beach and Between The Sheets. Again, the messier the better. Call Me Irresponsible is slightly sheer so it will start to blend On The Beach and Between The Sheets together.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 exaggerating the zig-zag shape of each color. Make sure you do not have too much polish on the brush — the dryer brush will create a better color blending effect.

Step 5: Clean up excess polish around the cuticles.

Step 6: Finish with Deborah Lippmann Top Coat of choice. 

Lacquers available, here: http://bit.ly/1bkumEC


New video! Tie dye Tutorial (if you’re willing to call it that)

As requested: here is the tutorial for the RAINBOW MILKY WAY DESIGN!!!

To see more pictures and polishes used go here—- > http://basecoat-topcoat.tumblr.com/post/40394578642/rainbow-milky-way-sally-hansen-hard-to-get

All tutorials can be seen by visiting the TUTORIALS PAGE or by searching #bctc tutorials


DIY Tye-Dye Phone Case | MoMossCafee


Mountains of the Moon ~ How to. ~  We use washable markers to draw the design directly onto the fabric we are working on. we start from the bottom and pleat the water line, next we tie up the mountain range. next we place marbles and other objects to become our stars and planet . We the pleat the moon onto the shoulder and scrunch or spiral the rest of the sky. After that it is time to play with dye !