tie the knot

I was originally going to post this on Saturday, but I instead posted that great video of Gavin attempting to tie a knot in a cherry stem. I didn’t expect that post to garner so much attention! I also promised boardpresence I’d post this on Sunday, but I never got around to it.

So in the last month I’ve often said in reblogs or in my own posts that I truly don’t believe the Adam Stevens story line. As in, I don’t truly believe Adam is homophobic like the show portrays him to be. I also sincerely doubt he abuses Connor. As Peter and Brad have stated several times in the past, not everything is as it looks. I’m not an expert on anything gay, but I imagine that the man is fine with LGBT people but has reservations about his son. Not out of disgust like people believe him to be, but that he’s afraid his son will get hurt by people because of who he is. Without further ado, my theory:

Adam never truly thought or believed that Jude was gay, contrary to what was said in the show and in a later episode post camping trip. In my opinion, if Adam truly believed that Jude was gay, he would have never let Connor hang out with him, even when his son began dating Daria. He also wouldn’t have let Connor sleep over prior to breaking their friendship in 2x02, as Connor would have stated that Jude had two moms. If Adam were as homophobic as the show portrays him to be, he would have believed that either Jude or his moms, or both, would be able to persuade his son to be gay. Which is what the majority if not all homophobes believe to be true.

It’s my honest opinion that Adam had a feeling or knew that Connor was gay before Jude came along, maybe even years before. Hence why he pushes Connor into hyper-masculine activities. At the batting cages, he noticed how Connor was distracted by his friend. He was already wary of Jude when he caught Connor momentarily looking at Jude, prior to Jude comforting Connor on the bench. He was distracted by a boy. Most believe this was when Connor began feeling differently about Jude, but we saw Connor having feelings in 1x15 (Padre). In addition, the show provided many clues in the beginning of the series of who Connor was to Jude Even in the very first episode. We hear the line “Well, there is this one boy named Connor” several times in 1A before we even see Connor on screen. The show was practically foreshadowing a relationship that went beyond friendly boundaries.

When Connor began dating Daria, it put Adam at ease and he allowed Jude and Connor to be friends again. Mostly because he was happy that Connor was dating a girl, and for that brief period in time he felt that all his thoughts of Connor being gay over the past few years were wrong.

Oh how wrong Adam Stevens was. So wrong.

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I deadass thought this was sophia at first and I was like STOP what did I miss?? acompletelife.)tumblr.)com/post/96665437257/jose-villa

watch as sophiam get married before zerrie do.. tho i still think zerrie’s gonna tie the knot this year

tell me you’re tired of desert suns and dry days, tell me it’s time for a storm. tell me it’s time to stop hiding. tell me. show me you. show me tears, show me anger, show me screaming.  tell me days that the sun set on you and you wished that it set on us. show me you. show me the hurricanes I can see in your eyes that you won’t let out. show me. show me the days you hate me more than you love me, the days you’d rather walk out than make sparks, the days you don’t want me to touch you, you don’t want me to touch you. take it all back.  take back the kisses and the proposals and take back the way you looked at me that one night. take back that time we went home to your parents and everyone asked if we wanted to tie the knot, take back the day you asked what I’d want to name my kids, the days we decided that this was what we wanted. take it all back. if I can’t have all of you, I don’t want any of you.
—  tell, show, take–m.v.g.

I can’t believe this happened.

I’d like to thank my mom for letting me go. I’d like to thank Erin (@cellogirl4life) for messaging me at 9 AM this morning.

In other news, I have this new candle that has his name on it that I’m not allowed to light because my current housing situation doesn’t allow open flame. But my mom likes candles though!