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So I bought a Beta Ticket Package for May 2015 earlier this year, but sadly I can no longer attend BiteCon next year. The package includes: 

  • Admission to convention weekend

  • Seating in Beta section for all main stage panels
  • Autographs from select cast members*

(*Cast will be named as attendance is confirmed and announced)

I can make a name change on my ticket before January. I will sell it to you for below the $175 I paid for it (probably about $125/$130, no more than $140)

PLEASE let me know if you are interested in this. Because if no one buys this off of me it is a ticket someone could have used, an empty seat, a wasted opportunity for someone else. Please spread this around! You can contact me here on my Tumblr through my messages or my submit box or you can contact me on Twitter  

Cory Say’s Typography

Cory Say is a talented artist and illustrator from Garland, TX. Cory recently completed this preject for CBB 2012 Catalog and Ticket Package by hand lattering, designing and illustrating these stunning typos. Take a look and get inspired.                       Popular search terms:2013 trendy books on …

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-Emelie-samaaa, u just got a late mail package, the ticket says: “Happy Birthday” … huh it IS late ehh….
-HEY! The box got lost on the road of life!!! …also it took some time to force put Sasuke in it… the plan got…complicated there….
But i got help from Naru-channnn whos eager to do a grand surprise gift :D If only sissy would go through with it when it opened XD

Soo your Birthday present finally arrived :D Im totally gonna blame it on the shipping :*ł 
I decided (back when i so smoothly asked u about your fav cake fufufu) to give u a cake that EVEN YOU LIKE… I hope the special ingredients did the trick…

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We’re in different seats than normal because this game wasn’t in our ticket package. But I wanted to see the Yankees when they came to town, so I bought some bonus tickets two sections over.

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