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My Letter of Complaint to Frontier Touring Company Re: 1989 Tour VIP Packages

To whom it may concern,

As an avid Taylor Swift fan, and having attended her past three tours in Australia (managing to snare a front row spot each time after lining up for 13+ hours to do so), I am appalled and disheartened to see the price of the VIP packages for the 1989 World Tour virtually unaffordable for some of Taylor’s biggest and most devoted fans.

Who do you plan on selling $350-$600 tickets to? Multi-millionaires? Do you realise that the majority of Taylor’s fans are 15 - 25 years old? What young person has that sort of money? I don’t know about you, but as an 18 year old I don’t even earn $350 a week, and that is before paying the bills. 

Not only can young people not afford these ticket prices, but neither can our parents. Surprisingly we can’t just ask for a $600 ticket as a Christmas present - normal parents aren’t stupid enough to spoil their children to that extent.

Do you realise that because of your capitalistic greed REAL Taylor Swift fans (most of whom have spent whole days lining up to be front row at past tours) are no longer able to have a fair chance at a really good spot at the concert, while the spoilt and entitled get the privilege of being front row without putting in the effort to get there?

You have made it impossible for anyone to even get the chance of being front row unless they have $350+ to spend for one evening’s entertainment. This disgusts me.

The most shocking thing of all is that a ticket that was $250 just last year at the RED Tour (the Pit Ticket), is now $600! I thought I was breaking the bank paying $250 for that last year! How could you think that $600 for that exact same ticket and a few pieces of merchandise (which are certainly not up to the value of that $350 surplus) is acceptable? 

I really do wonder what sort of people are setting these prices. Do you have $600 spare each week to get a front row spot at your favourite musician? And if you do, would you pay that sort of price? I highly doubt it. Perhaps you should ask yourselves these questions before deciding to sell tickets to impressionable, adoring young fans who would do almost anything for a chance to get close to their idol.

Because of the VIP Package prices you have set, huge Taylor Swift fans (not just myself), have decided to; 
1. Just purchase a normal ticket when we would have purchased a VIP ticket if the pricing was a little more affordable.
2. Only go to one show because we can now no longer travel around the country to attend 2, 3 or 4 shows.

Not only are you missing out on our money at one show, you are also losing out on the people who would have otherwise gone to more than one show. 

Congratulations, Frontier Touring Company!



So I bought a Beta Ticket Package for May 2015 earlier this year, but sadly I can no longer attend BiteCon next year. The package includes: 

  • Admission to convention weekend

  • Seating in Beta section for all main stage panels
  • Autographs from select cast members*

(*Cast will be named as attendance is confirmed and announced)

I can make a name change on my ticket before January. I will sell it to you for below the $175 I paid for it (probably about $125/$130, no more than $140)

PLEASE let me know if you are interested in this. Because if no one buys this off of me it is a ticket someone could have used, an empty seat, a wasted opportunity for someone else. Please spread this around! You can contact me here on my Tumblr through my messages or my submit box or you can contact me on Twitter  

If watching the numbers climb so quickly for the Reading Rainbow kickstarter doesn’t make your heart soar, you need to strongly consider the idea you might be cold and empty inside.

You know what I bet would fix that? Watching old episodes of Reading Rainbow. True story.

Cory Say’s Typography

Cory Say is a talented artist and illustrator from Garland, TX. Cory recently completed this preject for CBB 2012 Catalog and Ticket Package by hand lattering, designing and illustrating these stunning typos. Take a look and get inspired.                       Popular search terms:2013 trendy books on …

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anonymous asked:

hey, do you know what came in the packages for the folie a duex album?

I remember the people who ordered it early got a download to what is this video. The most expensive package had a signed vinyl, hoodie (I think), this shirt (plus a sharpie), and a bear flash drive that had some videos about the making of the album and I remember there was video of the photoshoot with the bunny ears and the teddy bears. The Internet tells me there was also a silkscreen poster and a wristband and possibly another shirt? The largest package was expensive but there was a bunch in it. There were also five golden tickets placed in random packages that were redeemable for various things. The only one I remember was one where you could choose the setlist at a show (though I’m sure there were restrictions on what you could choose, like a list of songs you could pick from—I don’t know who won it or what they picked so).

anonymous asked:

Hi! Sorry to bug you so close to the show, but I've got tickets for the VIP Package for today's anniversary show, but I don't know what time to be there? Can you possibly clarify please? Thanks!

If you have VIP tickets, get there at 3:30 PM if you can! The photo shoot starts at 4 PM! ^_^


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