Some of you might want to just go ahead press that unfollow button right now. I’m going to start posting a lot of pictures of music I listen to throughout the day.

Lately, I’ve had peace of mind to sort of evaluate my overall being and how I am developing as a person….and I don’t like it. Yes for the most part I am pleased at how fat I have come, my thought process and how I look at certain situations but I still need to work on my confident, my integrity, my ability to handle situations more maturely, and not easily giving in to short term desires. Because of this I feel the need to cleanse my mind, soul and spirit in the presence of absolute solitude. Not completely because that would be almost impossible but social networks and such. I just feel the need to get back in touch with the person I saw myself becoming two years ago, who was not consumed with her tumblr, Facebook, iPhone, certain contacts. I read books and researched and when I wasn’t reading or doing research I was meditating and learning to love and understand myself…I need to get back to that.