SundanceTV Begins Production on Sophomore Season of Original Drama “The Red Road”
Jason Momoa, Martin Henderson and Julianne Nicholson co-star in the new season, due in mid-2015.

[via press release from Sundance Channel]


Shooting begins in Atlanta today as Series Regulars Jason Momoa, Martin Henderson and Julianne Nicholson return

New York - September 22, 2014 -SundanceTV announced today the start of production for season two of its gripping, original scripted series “The Red Road.” Production will begin in Atlanta on September 22, and it will air mid-2015.

New casting includes acclaimed Native American actor Wes Studi (Road to Paloma, “Hell on Wheels”) who plays tribal chief Levi. Returning cast includes Jason Momoa (“Game of Thrones,” Road to Paloma), Martin Henderson (Devil’s Knot, The Ring, Smokin’ Aces), Julianne Nicholson (“Masters of Sex,” August: Osage County, Black Mass), Tamara Tunie (“Law and Order: Special Victim’s Unit,” “The Good Wife”), Lisa Bonet (High Fidelity, “The Cosby Show”), Allie Gonino (“The Lying Game,” Hidden Away), Kiowa Gordon (The Twilight Saga, Wind Walkers) and Golden Globe(R) nominee Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, Heat).

Touted as an “intriguing psychological crime drama” by Newsday and hailed as “the excellent SundanceTV drama” by The New York Times, the hard hitting thriller from acclaimed writer Aaron Guzikowski (Contraband, Prisoners) and veteran producer Sarah Condon (“Looking,” “Bored to Death”) revolves around local cop Harold Jensen (Henderson), who struggles to keep his family together while simultaneously policing two clashing communities: the small town where he grew up and the neighboring mountains, home of a Native American tribe.

After the terrible hit-and-run tragedy and subsequent cover-up in season one, involving Jensen’s wife Jean (Nicholson), an unholy alliance was forged between Harold and Phillip Kopus (Momoa), a dangerous member of the tribe who recently returned home, throwing the community into disarray.

Greenlit for a second season order of six one-hour episodes, the series is executive produced by Guzikowski and Condon in addition to Randall Einhorn (“Fargo,” “Wilfred”), newly joined as an Executive Producer.

The sophomore season of “The Red Road” joins SundanceTV’s robust lineup of scripted originals, including the recently announced third season of the critically acclaimed “Rectify” which also shoots in Atlanta.   

Hunter Hunter


       Disobedience was unacceptable, and Tamara had failed her prime mission. Now, to her mother, she was the same as the people she had been trained to kill, but she was the organization’s responsibility. 

      The assassin had been following her for days, looking for an opening, trying to kill her. And Tamara would not allow it. So one day, she doubled back behind him and summoned her powers. Sharp rocks formed from the asphalt, tearing into his heart, his lungs, and anything else they hit. The assassin staggered, pulled out the plastic gun, but Tamara was on him in a second, delivering punch after punch after punch. 

     But suddenly aware of someone behind her, Tamara whirled around, hand raised to kill if necessary. If this was a second assassin. But the face was unfamiliar, and he seemed somewhat shocked. It was clear he had seen the whole thing. She hesitated.


Your Bones
  • Your Bones
  • Of Monsters And Men
  • My Head Is An Animal

in the spring we made a boat
out of feathers, out of bones
we set fire to our homes

walking barefoot in the snow

troubled spirits on my chest
where they laid to rest
the birds all left, my tall friend
as your body hit the sand

said goodbye to you my friend
as the fire spread
all that’s left are your bones
that will soon sink like stones


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