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i was googling stuff about Tamara and found a mini interview with her!! (i think tamara hash is the name she used when modelling). she's so gorgeous, and seems lovely www(.)hungertv(.)com/fashion-beauty/feature/wtf-tamara-hash/

Im Literally Dying she seems like the coolest person ???? she rides motorcycles and designs jeans and leather AND fetish inspired lingerie this is the mom i need in my life truly http://www.hungertv.com/fashion-beauty/feature/wtf-tamara-hash/


Stills from Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson’s Bottles Under the Influence, 2012, 16mm film, color, optical sound, 9:42 min. Courtesy of the artists; Walter Phillips Gallery, The Banff Center; and Catriona Jeffries, Vancouver.

Bottles Under the Influence is currently on view in the Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson: Consider the Belvedere exhibition at ICA.


[VÍDEO] Epi.1 - Show Me The Money 4 (legendado em inglês!)

1. http://dai.ly/x2vo5ij
2. http://dai.ly/x2vrmy4

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Cosa pensi in generale di Tamara o tipella come le chiami te? ahaha

Scusami anon se ti ho lasciato ad aspettare ma, stando alla mail che mi è arrivata, davvero ti sei preso la briga di mandarmi questa domanda alle 2 di notte? Che dedizione. Tv1kdb :)

Comunque, dopo averla creepata in lungo e in largo, da buona comare quale sono, posso dire con estrema certezza che, se non si mette la tuta di due colori diversi, è proprio figa.

Pagherei in organi per un fisico come il suo, sul serio e ha delle giacche un sacco belle, sto meditando una rapina. Poi è andata a vedere i Blur e gli Slipknot quindi è una di quelle persone che apprezzo anche solo per le scelte musicali. E guida macchine che se avessi la patente e non fossi alta due banane, guiderei anche io. Per quanto riguarda le moto, idk, non ne capisco un cazzo ma se vuoi sveglio mia sorella e le chiedo un parere.

Quindi, in conclusione, mi chiedo, se è tutto vero, che ci vede lei in lui. Lei è figa, va ai concerti belli, guida le moto, ha amici fighi, e lui, lui è bello, ha due occhi che mi fanno venir voglia di tagliarmi le vene per lungo, ha imparato a cantare, guadagna pacchi di soldi solo respirando, è proprio bravo a scrivere canzoni e a fare ancora più soldi, pare simpatico. Ah, ecco, forse ho capito.

Things for Larries to Bear in Mind

1. Chances are EXCELLENT (but not 100%) that the contract with Modest ends 31 December 2015 or thereabout.

2. Modest were the ones previously imposing the visibly harsh closeting (whether at Sony’s directive or not, the tactics are not something we’ve seen from Sony before and they were not smooth and believable as closeting usually is and would have been if Sony was specifically directing the moves). That type of closeting is not happening any longer, whatever the reason, it is DONE.

3. Even if Sony wanted Harry & Louis closeted in the past, “the future is now” and trying to continue marketing 1D as teen idols is passe. Either they want to continue on as mature artists or they want to quit after their Sony contract is up. Either way, the closeting serves no purpose any longer.

4. Harry has had one (semi) confirmed girlfriend in 5 years, Taylor Swift. Louis has had two confirmed girlfriends in 5 years, Hannah and Eleanor. The likelihood of either of them getting a new “confirmed” girlfriend, as opposed to someone they are regularly linked to in the press, but NEVER TALK ABOUT, is pretty much nil at this point. (Has Harry EVER mentioned Nadine’s name? No.)

5. They are happy right now. Things are going well for the band; their careers, and images are doing well after a MAJOR blow to the band/brand and they are about to release their fifth album that they are really excited about because a) it’s as good as or better than FOUR; or b) it’s the 5th of a 6 album deal with Sony and they are almost free.

6. So while no one is asking you to enjoy the chatter about Tamara and Louis (though seriously, she’s cool, anyone I see hating on her gets unfollowed), it would behoove everyone to just shake it off (ha!). Louis isn’t going to be telling parma ham stories about her, she’s just a friend and a name that may be mentioned with his occasionally over the next few months to keep the excitement on this side of the fandom down to manageable levels.

It’s all good folks. Happy Louis and happy Harry (and happy Niall and happy Liam) is what matters, not shady timelines or our desire to see this as the last chapter of a VERY long, angsty fic.

They have a plan, it is clear and obvious, and it’s working. Let them do their jobs. And lets just sit back and enjoy being fans of some lovely young men :)

The Sun - 27 June 2015

The singer later said: “Is that who they were squealing for? I didn’t give myself the chance to even look left or right.

“They get a lot of squealing, I’m sure.”

James, who is good pals with NIALL, also ruled out writing a song for 1D’s next album, but added: “Who knows what the future will bring?”

More screaming fans, I should hope.

Niall and Louis get wellied

SO this year’s Glastonbury will not all be about the KARDASHIANS.

Another institution with millions of Twitter followers, ONE DIRECTION, have also made their Glastonbury debut.

NIALL HORAN and LOUIS TOMLINSON were first on the scene and the pair were intent on enjoying themselves and taking selfies.

An excited Louis wrote on his Twitter feed: “Oh it’s gonna be a good day !!!” hours before the pair’s surprise lunchtime appearance.

And his bandmate was overheard telling a pal: “I’m going to get on it.”

Niall wore dark Ray-Bans and a black T-shirt while Louis donned a festival classic — a khaki jacket.

They’ll only have one night at Worthy Farm as the band have a gig in Helsinki tonight.

Performing on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans isn’t a bad way to soothe a stinking hangover.


Today the Department of Awesomely Good Deeds salutes the staff at Tampa International Airport who took a sad lost toy situation and turned it into an awesome adventure with a very happy ending. 6-year-old Owen Lake accidentally left his beloved stuffed tiger Hobbes at the airport before boarding flight to Houston. He didn’t realize he’d forgotten his friend until the plane was in the air, but his family called their airport right after they landed in Texas. The airport janitorial crew found Hobbes and the Lake family was assured that the tiger was safe and would be waiting for Owen at the airport Lost & Found.

But when the family got back to Tampa they were amazed to learn that Hobbes had been busy while he was separated from his BFF. Airport Operations Center Manager Tony D’Auito had taken him on a tour of the airport, taking photos with him visiting staff members and checking out different areas of the airport and the jobs done there.

“D’Auito, with the help of TPA police, airlines, operations staff, the USO and others all over the airport campus, photographed Hobbes on his great adventures: outside by the air traffic control tower, buying gelato, working out at the employee gym, playing Jenga in the USO, hanging out with the firefighters, napping in a hammock by the Marriott pool, riding a luggage cart.”

Then D’Auito had the photos printed as a book, which was presented to Owen when he arrived to pick up Hobbes:

Visit the TIA website to learn more about Hobbes’ airport adventures and his heartwarming reunion with Owen.

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