FINALLY finished! Happy Birthday shendralar!!! I’m so happy to have met you and that you became a part of our raid group and a member of Conviction. You’re seriously one of the best people I’ve been privileged to meet here on tumblr. <3 you!

(So while I don’t really view Mai and Adelon as having anything other than a platonic relationship, I still feel that they are close. Maybe more like a father/daughter relationship? I dunno… Anyways ENJOY!)

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Imagine the first time Steve leaves Bucky home alone after Bucky got back, Bucky gets a really bad flashback.

For some reason I thought this said nightmare and not flashback, so that’s what I wrote for (Sorry anon!). But hey, at least this one has more dialogue than the last prompt I wrote.

If they had been able to plan for this, had more time to prepare, then the days events wouldn’t have played out the way that they did.

But they didn’t have time, hardly even a moments notice. Barely ten minutes.

The day had started out normal, Steve and Bucky had somehow rolled out of bed and into the kitchen, slurping down two cups of coffee each before Steve’s extremely confusing phone began ringing. Steve groaned at the caller ID, showing it to Bucky, who groaned in agreement. Nick Fury.

Bucky left Steve in the kitchen in favor of changing into something more presentable, since Fury was surely calling to tell them that they needed to come in and look at some newly discovered HYDRA files, or something like that. Bucky wasn’t really that worried about it.

Except when he leaves their bathroom with his toothbrush sticking out of his mouth and walks into their bedroom, he sees Steve pulling an all too familiar costume out of the closet.

"It’s-" Steve huffs in annoyance, clearly upset by whatever Fury had said. "It’s something with the Avengers, I don’t know. But he says that they need my help- in California? And I’ll probably be gone for a day or so, just make sure-"

"When is Sam coming?" Bucky casually interrupts. It’s only been a few month since Steve had found Bucky (In a clothing store, of all places), and despite his exceptional behavior, both had been a bit wary for Bucky to stay unsupervised for more than 30 minutes. In the past, Sam had stayed with Bucky whenever Steve was doing some sort of mission or S.H.I.E.L.D. activity.

"Sam isn’t coming," Steve shoots his boyfriend an apologetic look, "he’s visiting family in Ohio and won’t be back until later this week. If it weren’t such sort notice we could probably find someone else, but-" Steve stops himself, shaking his head in defeat. "You’ll be fine, won’t you? It’s only 24 hours, tops."

"Yeah…" Bucky lies, "Yeah I think I’ll be fine on my own. It had to happen eventually, right?"

"Yeah, Buck. Just wish it didn’t happen like this. There are some leftovers in the fridge from last night, and you can always order a pizza or somethin’. My phones connected to the com in my helmet, so you call and I’ll answer, okay?" Steve moves to sit beside Bucky on the bed.

"Yeah, I’ll be alright. Be safe, okay Stevie?" Steve nods and kisses his boyfriend, before heading out the front door, shield and all.

Once Steve is gone Bucky releases a huge breath he hadn’t even realized he’d been holding. In all honesty, he wasn’t comfortable at all staying for any more than an hour by himself-it was one of the very top things on his list of ‘What I am unable to do after everything with HYDRA’. But he would never, ever, tell Steve that. It wasn’t that he was ashamed of not being able to stay by himself, it was just that more bad things happened that he didn’t want to go though when he was by himself. Normally, Sam would stay with him, or vice versa. They’d watch dumb movies Sam deemed ‘classics’ and would eat takeout from that Thai place that Steve disliked.

For the first few hours of his solitude, Bucky lays on their sagging couch and flips through the channels on the TV, reads books that Sam also calls ‘classics’ (Charlotte’s Web, really Sam?) and listen to the radio. He thought that he had been doing pretty good on his own so far, no major problems had occurred and he even considered going for a short walk around the block. Bucky had never left the apartment by himself, but apparently today was the day to try new things. So, he put on his running clothes and un-tangled his headphones, preparing for his adventure out of the house.

Until, of course, it began to rain.

Luckily, Bucky hadn’t left the house yet, so it wasn’t that much of a trouble. The problem, was that he had actually been excited about going for a walk, and now he was trapped inside during a storm, which he didn’t take particularly well too either (Shocking, isn’t it?).

He goes to bed as early as he can stand too, because honestly the rain has just gotten worse throughout the day and he’s on the verge of a panic attack, because the rain pelting the window sounds like bullets and he can’t stand it much longer. Maybe, if he’s lucky, he can somehow sleep through the night without any nightmares.

James Buchanan Barnes hasn’t had a stroke of luck since 1945.

There’s a handful of recurring dreams about HYDRA, but this one, this one is always the worst. It starts out with Steve and Bucky doing something fairly normal, watching a movie, grocery shopping, sometimes running. Until they somehow end up captured by HYDRA, Bucky forced to watch as the faceless agents do to Steve what they’d done to him for 70 years.

Usually when Buck has this dream, Steve is there to hold him while he cries and lets Bucky check to make sure that Steve really is okay, that they’re in their apartment in Brooklyn and not a bank vault in D. C. But this time Steve isn’t here, and Bucky has the sinking feeling that he isn’t really okay.

'You call and I'll answer.' That's what Steve had said.

Bucky grabs almost desperately for the phone sitting on the night stand, punching in the numbers of Steve’s cell phone (Which he still didn’t understand, what the heck was an app?).

"Buck?" When he hears Steve’s voice, sounding normal, Bucky realizes how stupid he’d been to think that Steve wasn’t okay.

"Steve. Steve, I—" He doesn’t know what to say. He doesn’t know what to say because he never has to say anything, Steve is always here except now he isn’t and—

"Bucky, is everything okay? Are you hurt?" Worry is growing in Steve’s voice, and although he can’t actually see Steve, Bucky knows that he’s probably pacing.

"I. No I’m not. Not hurt, but." Bucky pauses, thinking about his next words, "Can you just, come home? I don’t think I should. Be alone, right now. Is all." The line is silent for a moment and Bucky starts to wonder if Steve is still there or if he—

"Yeah, Buck. Of course. I’ll. I’ll be home as soon as I can, okay?"

Bucky smiles, “Okay.”



Heal the Bay - Coastal Clean Up - September 20, 2014

Hubby’s school was doing a field trip for the Coastal Cleanup and we invited our niece to come along so she could get some volunteer hours. Then hubby just wasn’t feeling up to venturing out so I decided to take Tia anyway. It was actually quite a fun day despite one thinking that picking up trash isn’t the best way to spend your time. 

At first we walked just a little way down the path and found some nice benches, which I guess attracts a lot of people who feel like they can just leave their trash behind. Found a tub of Clairol conditioning cream tubes, 3 large Budlight cans, and a Shock Top bottle and our little bucket was almost full. We headed back, marked our stuff on a collection survey sheet and headed back out. This time we took a second bucket. We made it to the beach and that’s where I found a busted up surfboard. I took that back and then Tia and I headed to a little island in the lagoon area where we found the remains of a mom and baby seal, so sad.

A bit bummed by what we saw we headed off the island and headed to the Pier area. By this time there were more and more people and it was harder to find trash, which is a good thing. We finally made it past the Pier and found a bunch of large boulders and rocks that secure the shore, which seem to be a big magnet for trash. A lot of it unfortunately was out of reach. Next time bring grabbers!! Before long it was time to head back. We almost didn’t make it back in time. We recorded our findings as quickly as we could so the volunteers could wrap things up. Nice to be done and off to grab some lunch as we were getting quite hungry.  

All in all a super great event and I found it cool that my niece and some of the other students I saw were really taking this event and task seriously. Hope next year hubby can join us. 

Oh I decided to start the Garmin and track our mileage and it ended up being about 3.2 miles. Not bad!! A cleaner beach and some exercise. 

Off to bed now for an early group run!! 

It was a news story that set Aaron Guzikowski on the path to “The Red Road,” his new SundanceTV series that’s set in a fictional North Jersey town he calls Walpole.

A few years ago, the screenwriter, a Massachusetts native, was living in New York City when a colleague gave him an article about Emil Mann, a Ramapough Indian who, in April 2006, died after being shot by a state park ranger during a confrontation over ATV riding near Ringwood State Park.

It wasn’t the case itself that fascinated Guzikowski, but what he learned about the Ramapough Lenape Indian Nation.

I had lived so close to this area and I really had no idea in terms of the Ramapough situation,” says Guzikowski, who subsequently learned about the Ford Motor Company’s dumping of toxic paint sludge in the area. “It was incredibly interesting to me, and I started thinking about the possibility of writing something that took place there. I went out there just for like a week or two and I met and hung out with some of the members of the tribe and went up Stag Hill Road, and to the community center. I thought it was just a compelling place that I had never really seen before. … There was something about the people that I met, a certain kind of strength, and an old-school integrity that I really appreciated.”

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-> Use LAY DOWN ROOTS to absorb the water from the bugs insides, drying it out like a brittle husk.
>Lay down roots. motherfucker ain’t eating the player character that easy.

Well, it’s a long shot, you suppose - might as well get some use out of these powers and cause a wicked case of indigestion on the way down. Grow Like a Weed is out since there’s no light in here to take advantage of it and there’s a bit too much of this dumb goop to soar on so we’ll roll with soaking up what water there is. You close your eyes and think like a plant.

You quickly give that up because lacking nervous tissue, plant-thought isn’t actually super helpful for this matter. Instead, you try just willing some kind of ROOTY TOOTY POWER into being. After a moment, you start absorbing water across your scales like a sponge in a bathtub full of acid. It SORT of works - I mean, sulphuric acid has water in it. Like, on a molecular level, it does. So you soak that up and now you’re as squishy as you are pissed off so you’ve got that going for you.

However, there is now a rotting eggs smell inside your first encounter - that’ll be the sulphur dioxide left behind. In the very least, someone’s getting an upset tummy. The walls then start to tighten about you as the little bugger belches a gutfull of bad air out in an unpleasant gust. Well, at least the whole “game over” thing that you’re workin’ on in here is going to stink less but you’re sure you can salvage this shameful experience somehow!


Some of the first Cosette’s around the globe

  1. Fabienne Guyon (Paris, France)
  2. Rebecca Caine (Barbican, London)
  3. Judy Kuhn (Broadway, USA)
  4. Yuko Miyamoto (Tokyo, Japan)
  5. Marina Prior (Sydeny, Australia)
  6. Tamara Jenkins (1st national tour)
  7. Liv Ragnhild Sømme (Olso, Norway
  8. Karen Fineman (Los Angeles, USA)
  9. Martina Dorak (Vienna, Austria, not pictured)
  10. Regan Thiel (Toronto, Canada)