tia talks

  • me:*gets really interested in zodiac stuff*
  • me:wow this stuff is spot on
  • website:your zodiac sign is not compatible with [your crush]'s zodiac sign
  • me:actually you know what fuck this
Here's my beef:

I still can’t believe Korra ended the way it did. IDK, I don’t hate Korrasami, but I can’t ship them romantically. Not because I’m a homophobe (Which I’m not FYI) but there was no development. At least in the romantic department. 

What I saw was two good friends who dated the same guy get closer together. Korrasami wasn’t built up the way Makorra was, or how Kataang was. (I know Avatar and Korra are separate, but they’re also together. If that makes any sense.) I saw two good girl pals become super close. So are people saying that you have to be lesbians/bi in order to be close with the same sex gender? Cause that’s all I get out of this bullshit. I’m seeing this from my perspective. And if you’re gonna portray same sex relationships in tv shows or anime, you shouldn’t let anyone censor you. if people seriously hate the show just cause the main character is gay/bi/pan/asexual, they never truly cared for the show. You can’t just half-ass the ending like that. So Korra wanted to speak with Asami more than Mako and Bolin. Of course she would. Most girls talk about their fears and vulnerabilities with girls much like men share that with other men. It’s completely common and by saying that’s proof of their relationship changing, you need a new brain. You cannot use that as proof of their relationship changing. 

Regardless, I’m not bashing anyone or anything. I’ve accepted that Korrasami is canon, but I will always ship Makorra and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I’m just saying the way the show ended was very poor and didn’t do it for me. There was no closure for anyone else except Zhu li and Varrick. It was implied that Bopal and Kainora happened, but we didn’t get to see anyone else. We didn’t get to see Zuko, Toph or Katara much and that hurt a lot. Sure, each one of them had important roles, but their air time was cut so short. And Izumi and Iroh II had no important role in the show either. For people of the fire nation, you’d think they’d have some sort of bigger role. 

I just feel the last season was sloppy and rushed. IDK, it’s hard to actually put it into words. I just hate how people are still fighting over Korrasami and Makorra. i honestly would’ve preferred if Korra stayed alone. they shouldn’t have put her with anyone because now people are just getting ridiculous over poor development. 

That is all.

just recorded me playing Reign of Kings with Arin, Ross and other GG fans. I kept losing them and i really dont understand that game but it was pretty fun. i think they’re still filming but im so fucking tired so im going to sleep. I hope even just a little snippet of one of their episodes has me in it and ill be happy lol. they need to pick better games to do this stuff in tbh