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  1. Are you alone?

    I—- Am alone in the room, but I have two…. no Three roommates in the dorm at the moment. And One sounds like she’s dying. Brb. 

  2. What are you wearing right now?

    A blanket. Nice picture, mm? 

  3. Are you going to eat that?

    Probably…. Probably not, Whatchu gimme for it? *hordes all the nutella*

     (No really I’m trying to get rid of perishables. TAKE IT)

  4. What’s your favorite color?

    Navy blue. :3 

  5. What’s your favorite thing within ten feet?

    My tablet… Or my vibrator :o 

  6. If you suddenly became a huge celebrity, what would you do?

    Melt into a puddle because that is a HELL of a lot of eyes. Or go power crazy. Either extreme. I have no middle ground.

  7. What would you do if you were stuck in a room with me for fourteen hours?

    I have and will continue to on a regular basis. Watch you fiddle about, cook/bake, and fuck about on petrichor. Or sit on you. Either or.

  8. Who was Maximilian Robespierre?

    Google says *Maximilien. He was apparently a major benefactor in the French revolution. More about him : Here.
  9. Any favorite vacation destinations?

    Hmmm. My bed. England was nice that one time. Most fun though has to be Carlsbad Caverns. Bats! Wee! Rock formations! Ooooh! 

  10. What’s your silliest story?

    One time I got batted at with a tampon when I sneezed on a woman’s child. I was a disgusting child. So. Much. Mucus.

  11. Any favorite series/songs/anything I should know about?

    If you have to ask…. You do not know me at all. Doctor who, Sherlock, Red Dragon Codex :3 Oh, I have a desire to own a penis. A real one, if that counts as a favourite thing. Oh and annoying you accidentally and then on purpose with my spelling. Much laughs. <3

    My 11 questions for you:

    1.What is your name?
    2. What is your quest?
    3. How much blood can an adult human male of average health lose before dying?
    4. If you could have any eye/hair colour combination with your skin tone, what would it be?
    5. Favourite food?
    6. Favourite memory as a child?
    7. Joan of Arc or Xena warrior princess?
    8. Star wars or Star trek?
    9. If Star trek, Favourite captain. If Star Wars, Favourite Jedi.
    10. Most difficult decision you have made (to date)?
    11. If you could do anything for one day, no consequences or limits, what would you do?

My Captain! Our fearful trip is done,

The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won,

The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,

While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;

                         But O heart! heart! heart!

                            O the bleeding drops of red,

                               Where on the deck my Captain lies

                                  Fallen cold and dead.

Walt Whitman

coffeeclint said:

Au where Jim and Bones are in the Hunger Games and they are the last two people left and they have been dancing around each other for days. The capital people are growing tired so they shove them together and when they finally come face to face for the first time Bones asks for Jim to kill him and Jim doesn't want to but he does and holds him as he does and later in the interviews they say 'your father would be proud' and Jim has to choke back tears because he never wanted to kill anyone.


laufiyson said:

when i find myself in time s of trouble karl urban's huge leaking ape cock comes to me speaking words of wisdom mike wazowski

[7:53:00 PM] Clint Barton: when i find myself in time s of trouble
[7:53:10 PM] Clint Barton: karl urban’s huge leaking ape cock comes to me
[7:53:14 PM] Clint Barton: speaking words of wisdom
[7:53:22 PM] Clint Barton: mike wazowski

dont even look at me right now