Some images from the Gullveigarbók by Vexior.

First off, we are no “Lokeans”. No “Dark Heathens”, no confused pseudo-Satanic dualistic people of any sort. Still our view is holistic, and because of this also the lower realms of the Nine Worlds are of highest interest to us, as Norse Heathens.

One might not agree with some of the quite far fetched conclusions and suggestions made by the author of this book. Some of it is - to say the least - wishful thinking, but this book still has far more new to offer you than all of these other basic typical New Age-store books on Norse mythology, repeating themselves over and over again.

However, it seems this book is out of print, and difficult to get hold of these days. But a simple search on for example Google for “Gullveigarbók by Vexior”, might turn up a downloadable .PDF or two, who knows…

This book is perhaps mostly a recommendation to all these newborn “Lokeans” out there, who have the Marvel Comics movie Thor actor Tom Hiddleston starring as Loki - “the brother of Thor” (sic) - as their role model, or even God. At least get it right, and know what you are talking about, okay?

See you at Ragnarök, and bring band-aid - you will need them!


Happy Midwinter everyone!

The icy cold breath of Niflheimr is upon us this day and today we can officially announce open sales of Ekortu’s ( new book Þursakyngi - Vol. I - The Essence of Thursian Sorcery is available for sale at

Here are some inside previews of the book.

All photographs here and in the book are by me - Darby Lahger (Old Hag) and the black dragon illustration on the opening page is by Norot Art

The book has sold well and soon they will be completely sold out!


One of Arckanum’s heaviest & one of my favorites.


ÞURSAKYNGI I - The Essence of Thursian Sorcery - 60 copies - Leatherbound Talisman Edition.

Full leatherbound in black goatskin, accompanied with a talisman made of a piece of goat horn, carved, inscribed and blessed individually by Ekortu.
The manuscript is bound in goatskin, the sigil of Thursacross blindstamped on the cover, a leather envelope has been placed inside the manuscript for the safekeeping of the talisman, die-cut runes decorate the inner flaps. Frontflap is shaped into form of Thurs-rune, and the leather envelope is modelled
into shape of U-rune to let the outer form of this talismanic edition also present its inner qualities and through such manifesting bless the new seeker on the Thursian Path with wisdom, strenght, and Power.

Author: Ekortu
Publisher: Ixaxaar
Photographer: Darby Lahger

visnigredo asked:

Share 10 facts about yourself, then pass this to your 10 favorite followers!

1. I am 38 years old, I will be 39 this year.

2. I am married Johan Shamaatae Lahger of Arckanum /(Pen name: Ekortu)

3. I was born in America but live in Sweden.

4. I have three children

5. I am an artist work under the name “Old Hag”

6. I do not drink

7. I have been diagnosed with “High Functioning” autism

8. I follow the Thursatru tradition, I take it very seriously.

9. My husband and I are working on our dream to live self-sufficient

10. We own a timber home in the forest first built in the 1700′s

nakedwitch asked:

Hi! Could you elaborate a lil bit about the Thursatru tradition? Like recommend a introductory reading or something like that, a website or basic concepts. I'm curious. I've googled it but I'd like to read something kind of basic and reliable to get a better sense of what is it about and/or how does it affect your daily life. Thank you!

It basically consists of the worship of the Thursian race of Giants.


I suggest you read Gullveigarbók and ÞURSAKYNGI – Volume I – The Essence of Thursian Sorcery by EKORTU to get a true understanding of Thursatru. There are other ideas of what Thursatru is but these are often not credible sources and often not the real foundation Thursatru, so get a real understanding of it I suggest you first read these books.