Some images from the Gullveigarbók by Vexior.

First off, we are no “Lokeans”. No “Dark Heathens”, no confused pseudo-Satanic dualistic people of any sort. Still our view is holistic, and because of this also the lower realms of the Nine Worlds are of highest interest to us, as Norse Heathens.

One might not agree with some of the quite far fetched conclusions and suggestions made by the author of this book. Some of it is - to say the least - wishful thinking, but this book still has far more new to offer you than all of these other basic typical New Age-store books on Norse mythology, repeating themselves over and over again.

However, it seems this book is out of print, and difficult to get hold of these days. But a simple search on for example Google for “Gullveigarbók by Vexior”, might turn up a downloadable .PDF or two, who knows…

This book is perhaps mostly a recommendation to all these newborn “Lokeans” out there, who have the Marvel Comics movie Thor actor Tom Hiddleston starring as Loki - “the brother of Thor” (sic) - as their role model, or even God. At least get it right, and know what you are talking about, okay?

See you at Ragnarök, and bring band-aid - you will need them!

Question: Outline of the Different Branches of Heathenry?

higurethestillwind requested further detail on branches of Heathenry. (Thanks to my good friends in the Heathen Scholars group for their assistance - particularly hedendom, @myriadhallauglokadis, den-frusna-eken, @thorraborinn, and Ryan Smith.

Keep in mind that these definitions are kind of fuzzy, so they are not going to get 100% agreement from the respective branches. 

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One of Arckanum’s heaviest & one of my favorites.

hedendom replied to your post:Question Is rökkatru and thursatru sort of the…

Yes they would be different I think, although I have never heard of the Thursatru term before. I would guess Thursatru would celebrate Thurses but Rokkatru celebrate Jotner, Hel, Midgardsormen, Fenrisulv, etc…

I’ve only ever seen the term on the forum for Samfundet Forn Sed (I think anyway) and as far as I understood it, it was worshiping all giants. Not that I remember if it included Loke, Hel and such but I think it did. I mean, why wouldn’t it. And most were like “Noooo chaos and stuff noooo” lol.. So ever since I’ve just been like *squint* are they actually the same thing but Rökkatru is more focused on Loke’s family ??????