A bit of fan art for Thunderpaw by @repoghost

Because it’s one of the best comics I’ve ever seen on the Interwebs. Y’all should go read it. It’s gorgeous and I love it.

This was just supposed to be a late night Twitter doodle, but I kind of liked how it was turning out. I’ve started posting late night, random doodles on my Twitter. 

It’s almost 2:30 AM. Goodnight.


Hey guys, so last month I had a ton of support so I picked three winners for February. Also attached are the March wallpapers I’ve been sending out. NEAT!

Cripes guys thank you for sending a few bucks my way and especially for just spreading the word. I appreciate both equally.

Well waddya waiting for?

Support THUNDERPAW now!

→ ANY amount gets exclusive wallpapers.

→ At least $5 gets wallpapers, access to a Thunderpaw sketch blog, and a chance to win your very own Thunderpaw portrait!


Hey guys!

Sorry, not a comic update but just some catch up on Thunderpaw stuff. First off say hey to Happy Hour, Shots Fruity, and The Danger. They’ve been waiting to meet you just around the corner where we last left off in the story. Those who have access to the sketchblog might remember them from long ago!

Also please have these as wallpaper since all else I have to provide are a bunch of words at this time.

So what’s been up? I don’t want wolf drawings I want pages!

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There’s a Japanese exhibition called Amerikan Mangaka that a few Thunderpaw pieces will be in and then I had to take a pic of my workspace and a selfie for it. I thought seeing all of this together was pretty cool and it makes me wonder what people thought my space n’ face looked like before. 

My house is an a-frame btw I don’t have some wacky mirror effect going on.