Big Version

A friend of mine was interested in seeing my thumbnail process, and since the entirety of chapter 2 is complete, I can show them!  You can see how I started very messy and ended…not so messy.

Chapter 3 is on a whole other level, it’s gotten a bit ridiculous. I’m about a third of a way done, which is pretty impressive for me; I started chapter two with NO thumbnails, just a failed script.

Comics pages thumbnails

A little sneak peek at my contribution to the next Disney Artists Comics Anthology. It also shows my process. Small thumbnailed pages that will eventually change (but not too much) in the final version. It’s without a doubt the most creative part for me. It’s a first visual pass on the story I have in my brain. It only take a few hours and feels like a lot of work done, at least planning-wise. It offers plenty of room to make quick fixes (on the side of the pages) or a complete redo of entire pages. It’s all about clarity and pacing at this stage.

*If you’re interested, the story is my interpretation of an old French-Canadian folktale about a deal with the Devil and a flying canoe. (“La Chasse-Gallerie”/”The Flying Canoe”/ “The Bewitched Canoe”)



This was the process involved in designing Hotline Miami’s MOON Poster for VConcert 2014.

The main intent was to replicate both the game’s aesthetic and replicate the 80’s revival neo-noir neon visual, which would also represent the music involved.

There was more than one concept being developed, and eventually scrapped but I’m glad I ended up landing on both a very graphic eye-catching concept, and an image that quickly jumps to the game itself!

It was super great working on this, and not that my work is without its faults, but I’m quite satisfied with the end result, and I hope you enjoy! And check out the captions for a quick description of each step!

And again, if you want to check out more about VCon and see the rest of the lineup and the posters designed, as always, check out the Official Facebook Page!


These took a lot longer than I thought they would…uh…

(The Ada one isn’t near done yet, but I’ll just replace the file on this post when it is done~)

I think I might have put too much time into these…