Color thumbnails! One’s a study from an old photo I found on my computer (not mine), and three quick color keys to explore mood/palettes

(please don’t zoom in on these they are meant to be seen from far away haha)


Sips GMOD thumbnails! Round 2! 

1) TTT: Dr.Quim, Medicine Woman

2) PH: Pflax Hunt

3) TTT: The Commissioner 

4) M: Sipsy Miyagi

5) TTT: Full Metal Sips

6) M: Hungry for Balls

7) TTT: Deagles at Dawn

8) M: You’ve Got Mail

9) TTT: Mexican Standoff

10) M: Bantanamo Bay


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Round 3

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some small and quick landscape thumbnail-sketches i did during inktober/Oktober

autumn is really my favourite season <3

ink, and watersoluble wax pastels in my sketchbook


Sips GMOD thumbnails! Round 4! 

1) TTT: Air Force Sips


3) PH: Stupid Spawn

4) TTT: Trapped in the Closet

5) PH: Office Jobs

6) TTT: You Shall Not Pass!

7) TTT: Helpful Happy Ghost

8) M: Killing Harry Potter

9) TTT: Send In The Drones

10) TTT: Murder In The White House!


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Sips GMOD thumbnails! Round 6! 

1) TTT: Burn The Bodies

2) TTT: Trust Me

3) TTT: Hotbox

4) TTT: Tom Berenger 2.0

5) TTT: Alone in the Dark

6) TTT: Mr Shooty

7) TTT: Disco of the Dead

8) TTT: Bad Cop

9) TTT: Turps Taboo

10) M: Going For Broke


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Cooling down from the craziness of CTN and warming up for some storyboards with thumbnail studies of Spirited Away :> It’s amazing how much there is to learn from apparently simple dialogue scenes like this one. Not a lot of action, but so much story and so much intention in every shot!