We always look at Zulfiqaar (The Sword Of Imam Ali) but did we ever ask ourselves why it is bifurcated (Two Pointed) ?

by using it you will get the same result if you use a normal sword so whats the significance of Zulfiqaar ? 

The significance is that Imam Ali used one point for (عالم الانس) The Human World  and the other point for (عالم الجن) The World Of Jinn 

the sword symbolizes him being The Master Of عالم الانس and عالم الجن 

When Imam Ali (as) was hit with a poisoned sword on his head by Ibn Maljam (la), Amirul Mu’mineen (as) fell very ill. Upon examining the Imam, the doctor prescribed milk as the cure, as milk dissolves the poison in the body. Upon hearing this, the orphans and lovers of Amirul Mu’mineen (as) lined up with bowls of milk outside his home. Peace be upon you O’ father of the Orphans. May we be worthy enough to be called your Shia. 

Painting signed by Aiman 08/04/12