thug hunter


Team Thugs + Pokemon!

lindsay - moltres because of her kazooie mc skin (and she’s def a fire type)

kdin - I got a lot of suggestions for dragon pokemon but went with chandelure as it’s one of his fav and goes with the colors of his enderdragon mc skin

caleb - eevee because they’re both adorable

lads here

gents here


Team Achieve, an Achievement Hunter Network.

Oi, that graphic, let me not look at it too longer or I’ll delete it.

Introducing an Achievement Hunter network, a place for all AH fans to talk about the cast & crew. 


  • Must be following me & The network Blog
  • Reblog This Post.
  • Any blog type is welcome. 
  • But you must watch or like AH.
  • Track the tag ‘Team Achieve Net’
  • Reblog This Post. 
  • Fill out this survey


  • Playing Cards Against Humanity online with the group or whoever you wish to invite.
  • Selfie reblogs if you want (just tag you photo with the network tag).
  • More friends (this is a great way to meet people who like the same stuff as you, instead of just scrolling through the AH tag and stuff you can always message the people in the group and have conversations).
  • Kik conversations (if you want) or skype (whatever majority rules)
  • a Great way to gain followers since you will have to follow back the members of the group.
  • Gives us all a place to fangirl/ fanboy or just fan in general about AH.
  • You guys can trade PSN & Xbox Live names and become gaming buddies.
  • advice on a situation
  • HTML help 

Members will be picked on July 18, 2014 around 10pm EST.

This must get at least 10 notes, or this never happened.

Happy Birthday, Achievement Hunter

There is a man,
with a mustache twirled into a funny way.
And blue eyes brighter
than any sky I’ve ever seen.
He’s the founder of their little family.
And he’s done so good.
He has my heart.

There is a man,
with waved blonde hair
and the most devious of all smiles.
He came last of the main six,
but that does not make him less.
And he’s done so good.
He has my heart.

There is a man,
with a ginger beard wrapped
around his face and the greatest
of attitudes.
He’s there to keep them all together.
And he’s done so good.
He has my heart.

There is a man,
with ginger curls
and a voice that could strike fear
into the mightiest of deities.
He’s still soft at the heart though,
especially for one special girl
with red hair of her own.
And they’ve both done so good.
They have my heart.

There is a man,
with brown hair as wild as the wild
and an accent so adored.
He’s not the youngest
and he’s certainly not the maturest.
But he’s done so good.
He has my heart.

There is a man,
with dark hair
and dark eyes to match.
He’s often quiet,
but when he speaks it’s
always something funny.
And he’s done so good.
He has my heart.

There are many others as well.
There’s the youngest of them all
and he’s been to Mordor.
There’s one with a name that can be spelled thousands of ways.
There’s one whom edits all the videos to perfection for all of us to enjoy.

And they all have my heart.
And I’m not the greatest at drawing.
But hopefully my words are just as pretty.

I thank each Gent and Lad.
And each Thug as well.
You have made me laugh until I dribble.
You have made me question sanity.
And it’s all the very best.

Happy Birthday, Achievement Hunters and Huntresses.
May we continue on a path that leads us to wonderful things.~