I was tagged by the wonderful and charming cocoa-bun!


 Draw using pen
-do not erase/correct anything
- when done, tag your friends! ❤


So I drew Vriska (which comes as a surprise to absolutely NO ONE) simply because I love her to the ends of the earth and back~

I tag: thisturtleisneon, striderofspace, thrustin-timberlake, catzsnow, rollingirll, beforuskanaya, and itchy-8itchy-spider!

(You aren’t required to do this if you’re tagged, and anyone else who wants to take the challenge is welcome to- Have fun!!)

did u ever notice in the LWWY video when zayn is singing one of his solos and he goes “and giiirl, you and i. we’re about to make some memories tonight” and then he pulls down the hand he was pointing at the screen with? yeah i’m pretty sure he trusted but they cut it out cause 12 year old fangirls.

personajergenspjs asked:

I want my P in your VWant you to S on my D Gotta J Off on your T'sThen FYI I wanna F your AOMG!Just stuff your mouth with my BsDon't LOL at my CAnd FYI I wanna F your AGirl, I can tell that you know what I meanBut just in case, I will provide the translationLike how I want you to sign up for the PTAThat's the Penis Touching AssociationTonight let's watch a DVDThat means you'll get a Dicking oh so Very DelicatelyI'll take the SAT, you'll take the GREI'll do Such Amazing Thrustin

FYI I Wanna F Your A