Imagine your OTP in high school, trading Pokemon from opposite sides of the room. After Person A sends in their Pokemon, they receive a Luvdisc in return from Person B, nicknamed “Prom?” A looks up to see B with a smug look on their face.

Remember Cora, the power-hungry woman who had Killian Jones on a metaphorical leash to do as she said because he was so focused on his vengeance? The man who set a path to destroy the most powerful practitioner who ever lived, yet cowered to Lady Cora.

Cora who had Regina, one of the most powerful sorcerers in their realm, who cursed an entire civilization, slaughtered villages, who had her head held high and a sneer on her face the day of her execution, who laughs at the lackies who torture her with electricity and call them incompetent, cower and immediately make amends with her the moment Cora stepped into Storybrooke.

Remember when Aurora told Cora to basically fuck herself and that her loyalty couldn’t be bought and proceeded to kick soup at her feet like some peasant in her way and not the powerful queen who held her hostage?

Please tell me how weak and ~w h i n y Aurora is again. P l e a s e.

signs in class

Aries- throws thing across the room and acts like it wasn’t them

Taurus- eats in the middle of class

Gemini- talks to the person beside them when its dead silent

Cancer- cries when they get a bad grade on a test

Leo- purposely drops their pen so they can band down to pick it up in front of their crush

Virgo- answers all the questions like a know-it-all

Libra- thinks they’re too cool for everyone

Scorpio- gets jealous of someone’s new shoes

Sagittarius- always cheats and never gets caught


Aquarius- draws in their notebook

Pisces- daydreams about a bull getting loose in the school and killing everyone

Headcanon #56 - 'Don'ts'

Don’t ever, ever pull a prank on Wyatt where you’re pretending to die/dying. Even Good, if you do that and say that it was all a lie, you’re bound to see a VERY terrifying side of Wyatt who could very much kill you for it. 

Of all the pranks, (as well as trapping him in a crystal cage) he would never see that as funny and boy you better run if you decide to do it. 


i have about five minutes to write before i fade into that drifting sleepiness in the air around me. 

i just wanted to remember to thank my God. 

i haven’t been in school for…a while. and thinking about school last night made me physically nervous, anxious in a way that i haven’t been for ages. it was like a direct flashback into last year’s hell. stomach in knots. heart pounding. unable to sleep or too scared to rest because who knows what the morning will bring, who knows what fresh havoc my students who wreak, who knows what uncontrollables will be thrown at me in the morning. 

school in the urban public sector is almost like…a really horrifying date with an emotionally unstable, occasionally mentally abusive boyfriend. sometimes he’s nice and kind and friendly and you feel happy and good about yourself at the end of it all. sometimes he yells and screams and swears at you and throws things across the room and makes you feel like shit. 

and i was so, so scared it would be a bad day today, after the last…six days off.

 i ended on a bad note. last wednesday—the last time we had school was last wednesday—student M had a mental meltdown. 

student M is going through therapy, has been diagnosed with depression, is on medication for anger management and his mood swings, is currently being tested for bipolar disorder. his home life is a wreck. his mom can’t figure out what to do with him either. he’s extremely, extremely draining to deal with. 

and on last wednesday, he had a really bad day. two students reported that he had said he was going to rape them, so i wrote him up for an office referral. he was returned to my room about two hours later—in a foul mood. and he screamed and me and refused to come into the room, threw a pencil at my head, turned over a desk, tried to run away, yelled how much he hated me and how he’d never listen to what i said or do anything i asked again. shoved books off my desk. upturned a library shelf on his way storming out. 

like…horrible. he made me feel horrible. i have put so much effort and care and time into this boy, and hearing him scream how much he hated me and how the other stuff didn’t matter hurt. it hurt a lot. 
(thus the emotionally abusive aspect of this job.)

ANYWAY. it all boils down to the fact that i laid in bed last night, terrified of work. 

and then i prayed. a lot. in my head in bed late at night in the dark, alone and scared. this morning when i woke up with that pit of dread in my stomach, as i ate breakfast scared and alone in the daylight. on my drive to work. in my morning preparation time. 

i prayed please please please help me God i need you please help me. i’m scared and i don’t want to be here and i don’t want to lose control. please help me. please help student M. please make this a good day. please help heal his hurt and whatever is going on in his head. please help him out of his darkness. please help me in my fear. please be with me and beside me today through whatever i have to deal with, because i can’t

and He did. 

today was wonderful. student M started off so….tentative, but when he saw that i forgave him and loved him still, he thawed out. and i’m praying again for tomorrow. lord, help me tomorrow again. help M with all the things in his mind. please be with both of us. please heal his wounds. 

but also……..thank you for being a God who answers my prayers. i love You and appreciate You.

goodnight, you all :)