Today was the last day of uniforms for the seniors and I saw some guy throwing his shoes around in the parking lot. After he left I took them haha. Now I have a pair of guy shoes. Notice how close to my shoe size they are? #sperry #navyblue #thrownout #itookit

You could not possibly imagine what it’s like to be unwanted everywhere you go….. To be a burden on everyone’s chest. To not have a home. Not have a family to come home to. Have nowhere of your own. Live out of a backpack your entire life. I don’t even have a home I wish I could go back to, moving 20+ times In my life, I’ve never considered a single house I’ve lived in, home. Now I don’t even have a house. Or a family. Nobody that wants me. Nobody cares about me anymore

Whoever I know living in Rosyth?
Guess where I’ll be staying… that is correct! :)

I don’t mind visitors or friendly face coming round for a cuppa!
Can’t party hard as I don’t want any trouble that’ll possibly get me thrownout. The area really nice and quiet ‘apparently’.

Modelling contract, HRT, my first ever home, new people entering my life… what’s possibly next?! Everything coming together for me :3

Changed quite alot besides I’m still a sexy fierce bitch lmao. Make some resolutions and stick at them! Live life a little and grab it by the freaking balls! >;3