I feel like Buzzfeed is literally the most amazing place to work. “Hey honey how was work today?” “It was alright. Some guy was throwing food at me and telling me to catch it in my mouth. And then somebody was there filming it. So a normal day all in all.” 

Like seriously! where can I apply

Here’s a TBT one for you all. A blog that me and Tegan wrote together, from the T&S website journal archives.

Date: May 6, 2005
Author: Rob (TEGAN in CAPS)

Following our show in Denver a whole bunch of us went bowling. (7 OF US) There was the Tegan and Sara team playing off against the Ronnie Vanucci (Killer’s drummer) team. I was on the Ronnie team despite being derided by my bandmates as a traitor. (TOTALLY A LIE. WE WERE ALREADY HALF WAY THROUGH THE GAME WHEN THE ‘DRUMMERS’ SHOWED UP DRUNK).
Whatevs, drummers stick together, we are part of an unspoken, secret union. (THE UNION OF WEARING SUNGLASSES IN A DARK BOWLING ALLEY)

There is a ritual involved that includes bowling on the same team. Truth be told, I didnt even know the Tegan and Sara team were bowling on the lane right next to us. (ONLY HONEST THING ROB HAS SAID YET)

I had, by this time, quite a few vodkas under my belt so my focus was on
impressing some of the members of our team with my sick bowling skills. (AKA RONNIE)

Didn’t happen, 10-pin bowling, bigger balls. I unfortunately have short,
stubby little fingers that dont fit neatly into the three available holes
found in the large, American balls. (2ND TRUTHFULL MOMENT)
That sounds wrong and creepy somehow. (YES IT DOES)

Needless to say, I did not impress them with any skills. Tegan, Ted and Sara on
the other hand were bowling strike after strike. (TEGAN MAINLY BUT TED DID HAVE ONE REALLY GOOD GAME)

I had no idea that both the sisters Quin were in fact junior Canadian bowling
That’s kinda cool and geeky at the same time.

I was told the next morning that both Chris and Craig (sound guy) were at
the bowling alley as well. Geez, how did I not notice them? (THEY ARE NOT DRUMMERS)

Also Sara tells me that, not once but twice Mr Vanucci flew at me
through the air and tackled me onto a couch or bowling lane, table
top, I don’t know, some sort of surface. (TACKLED-CUDDLED SAME THING)
I think Sara’s a liar and she has no proof of said events. (SEEN THE PICTURES IT TOTALLY IS TRUE)
Next up are our adventures at the Omaha Zoo…


#tbt: Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

Australian indie rock band The Temper Trap was launched into popular culture in the US with their single “Sweet Disposition,” which was not only used in commercials and advertisements, but also in the always popular film 500 Days of Summer. The song is fast and ethereal, and is only enhanced in its sound by Dougy Mandagi’s falsetto — his sweet and soulful voice. It’s a love ballad you’ll want to hear over and over.