Well I was gonna make a revamp of this eventually. This is just to give all of those who follow me a BIG thank you for all of your support. It really does mean a lot to me, especially since I tend to be rather slow on here and been going through a few rough patches. This fandom has made me feel so welcome and I hope I will remain here for many months to come. I am amazed with how many of you there are, there are almost 2.2k of you folks! Never in my life did I expect so many to appreciate what I do. Do not feel offended if you are not on here, there are still so many of you I’d love to meet and interact with. This is just a list of folks who I appreciate seeing on my dash, interacting with via RPs and/or Skype, and overall make my time here a pleasant one (I’m so sorry if I missed anyone >.<).


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The sunken hall

While journeying through the castle, you see from a balcony a part of the castle that had fallen into the lake below. Journeying down towards it, you find a collapsed hole in the ceiling. Looking through you can tell little water had penetrated into the large room. Falling through you land on a rough dark marble floor, as you stand you look to see a large open stained glassed ballroom. The moment you take your first step, the statues surrounding the room open their mouths, blood pouring out of them as spirits dance out of the openings gracefully, filling the roof as the swing and dance as music can be heard filling the hall. There are holes and stairs leading down, but water can be seen from them.. what awaits you in the depths..

((Submission for the weekly fanart challenge on the bloodstained KS page! i hope i’m not too late i just saw the Kickstarter a couple hours ago and saw the due date was today// sorry for quality/silliness of the animation!))

–> Bloodstained kickstarter <–

Thanks to @jesusthemessenger Are you currently going through some rough moments? Struggling with some problems? Looking for a safe place to get help? You are not alone! Download the Instapray app and connect in prayer, love and support with people around the world! It’s free on iOS and Android! —>

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 I think i’m going through rough time and i’m depressed again. Could you answer to some questions to have a better view and to see if this is really depression or not. If you do please message me ? 

Back in 2006, I was just a misfit 12 year old going through some rough times in middle school. I wasn’t very popular. I didn’t think I was pretty. And I wanted to be a musician so bad, but everyone told me that it would never work. That I’d never make it. Then taylorswift happened.

I remember listening to “Tim McGraw” on the radio and thinking, if she can make it, so can I. I remember listening to “A Place in this World,” and singing along with every lyric knowing that she understood me perfectly. I remember jamming along to “Fifteen” as I lived every single lyric.

She understood me. She was there for me. At a time in my life when it seemed the whole world was against me, I felt like I’d always have a friend.

Well, taylorswift, I just have to say thank you. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for giving me the courage to start writing songs and learn guitar. Thank you for teaching me to be fearless and to speak now. Thank you for putting my feelings into words before I could even understand them myself. Thank you for simply being the truly amazing person you are. 

Never let anyone dampen your sparkle.

Yo do me a favor.

Go send @/grell-strutcliff some love, he’s going through a really rough time rn and some nice positive messages. It’ll make his day and hopefully make him a whole lot better


Hello everybody, I just want to post up this notice before I go off disappearing again. First off, I just want to explain why I disappeared in the first place. Some of you might have noticed it but last week I posted some rather unhappy things on my blog, and I should delete those btw because you know how I am about spreading positivity on my blog. I was actually going through a rough time and I just completely broke down. I spiraled into my own darkness and I didn’t know how to deal with it. Still don’t know how to deal with it but I’m recuperating.

Now, some of my followers have been very sweet and supporting, sending me PMs with words of encouragement and anons leaving me asks saying how worried they are about me. I am very touched and I swear I will answer those personally when I fully get back on tumblr! For now I think I just need to heal for a little bit. Thank you very much for showing how much you care and I love all of you!

You don’t know how many times I’ve tried to come back and I can’t exactly explain it but it’s like this fear creeps up on me every time I do and then I get all panicky and uncomfortable and then leave. I’m actually writing this on a word document so I can just copy it to a post and exit as quickly as possible. I’m alright now but I do occasionally slip back into that state of mind so I want to heal properly before I do come back. The blog is gonna be empty for while so I’m really sorry! I don’t use the queue function either because you all know I like to tag my posts.

I am on tumblr mobile so yes, I do get your asks and tags and messages and I really want to answer them but like I said I don’t feel comfortable going online yet but that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring all of you sweeties! And also because tumblr mobile is crap… I will be back tho and I will be answering them all once I do. I’ve also noticed that I’ve gathered quite a number of new followers so Heya! and I’m sorry the newest post you get from me is something so boring ^^”

Ah, but I do have some good news to share with you, especially when I come back! Whenever I’m feeling okay, I’m able to write, so I am working on all my SNS projects. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the boyfriends! One of them is about ¾ done and I’ll post it up soon enough ^^ So do look forward to that.

And if you’re curious as to how my life is…uhhh to be honest, I wish time would stop but unfortunately life still moves on even when you feel like shit so yeah I still go to work, still peel myself out of bed to practice and go for my vocal and piano lessons and pretend that I’m actually a functioning human being. I actually got selected for a music recording for this drama movie that’s gonna be released next, next month so I’ve been going to rehearsals too. It’s so hard to sing when you don’t really feel up to it and what’s worse is all the song I’ve been given are pop and are all very upbeat so *sighs* not exactly fitting. My recording is on the 26th and I’m hoping by then I’m okay enough to do this job and get back to you guys.

All in all, I do think there’s some improvement to my mental health because I finally got the will to post this so that’s good. I really miss you guys and I’ll be back ASAP with SasNar goodies :D Thank you very much for being so patient and still sticking with me. 

Que signing out for now o/

I’m going through a rough time & really need someone to talk to, so if someone wants to text, that’d be cool. I need to keep my mind off of it.

Jared - Always Keep Fighting

Okay so I’ve gotten a few asks about what is going on with Jared and other asks that I’m going to bulk answer and hopefully this will clear things up for people and help y’all get a grasp on everything that has happened and I will do my best to update with all of the information we’re given.

  • Jared cancelled his appearance at JIBCon this weekend in Rome and AHBL next weekend in Australia.
  • It’s everyone’s understanding that Jared is going through a rough patch right now - here are his two tweets (click) about the subject - but he WILL be okay, as he assured everyone in this response to a fan on twitter
  • Jensen gave some insights (click & click) into Jared and what happened in the opening ceremony at JIBCon, but it’s obviously a private matter.
  • The Supernatural Cast/Crew as well as other celebrities (click & click) and thousands of fans have poured their support out to Jared on Twitter and Facebook to get him through this rough patch, as he asked everyone to do. 
  • From what it sounds like, Jared has exhausted himself emotionally and physically and is going to go be with his family in Austin for some TLC.

So what can YOU do?

  1. Show your support for Jared on Twitter using the hashtags #AlwaysKeepFightingJared and #AlwaysKeepFighting and give him words of love and encouragement.
  2. You can also do the same on Facebook.
  3. There’s a virtual card going around that you can sign.
  4. Remember to keep fighting for yourself and being strong through your own journey, after all, Jared started the Always Keep Fighting campaign with that goal in mind.
  5. Be kind to each other and continue to pass the message of the campaign out to people. Jared is continuing to fight as he tells us all to do so carry that torch for him while he needs us to.
Always Keep Fighting Jared (Updates)

So I had this post going around for a while that I was trying to keep updated with all the information we have about Jared so everyone could stay on the same page but I wanted to create an entirely new post. So here’s all of the information that we have revolving around Jared’s status and what happened.

Updates as of May 18th

So what can YOU do?

  1. Show your support for Jared on Twitter using the hashtags #AlwaysKeepFightingJared and #AlwaysKeepFighting and give him words of love and encouragement.
  2. You can also do the same on Facebook.
  3. There’s a virtual card going around that you can sign.
  4. There’s a video project happening too 
  5. There’s also another Always Keep Fighting stories submission project which you can find out more about here
  6. WinchesterBros are running an Always Keep Fighting Project as well.
  7. Someone on Etsy created an Always Keep Fighting bracelet cuff and half of the proceeds will be going to the AKF campaign so check that out.
  8. Remember to keep fighting for yourself and be strong through your own journey. After all, Jared started the Always Keep Fighting campaign with that goal in mind.
  9. Be kind to each other and continue to pass the message of the campaign out to people. Jared is continuing to fight as he tells us all to do so carry that torch for him while he needs us to. 
I know you don’t like yourself, but I just can’t understand why that is because you are one of the most amazing people that I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. I’ve never met anyone as strong as you. You’ve been through some rough times, but even when I thought you were going to break down, you would look at me and say, “I’m not okay right now, but I’m going to be.” You never wanted to give up, not even for one second. Even if you felt like it was impossible to go on, you still stood up and kept going. I don’t know what it is about you, but you will always fight. You never let anything take your happiness permanently. It’s like there is the fire in you that will never stop burning. You have something about you that nobody else has, I wish I had it.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #42

This is my beautiful dog Maddison. She’s a mutt who recently went through some very rough surgery to remove a uterine infection. When I saw her looking sick it was one of the hardest things for me to handle, so I wanted to show a post surgery picture of her looking happier than ever.