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A Recap of Lil Cal’s Timeline in the 4/22 upd8.


  • Gamzee chucklevoodoos Lil Cal into Dream Dave’s room (Derse Pajamas).
  • Lil Cal is dumped onto the Rocket board, and is brought by the Authority Regulator/Aimless Renegade (AR) to the Frog Temple.
  • After ectobiologically creating the B1/B2 kids, John gives Lil Cal to baby Bro/Dirk.

Pre-Scratch (B1 Session)

  • Bro and Lil Cal arrive in the B1 session (Cal Shirt).
  • Dave slices up Lil Cal during the rooftop Strife with Bro.
  • Bro repairs Lil Cal and enters the B1 Sburb Session.
  • Lil Cal is claimed as a trophy by Bec Noir after killing Bro.
  • Bec Noir throws Lil Cal at an Aradiabot during the fight at the end of the A2 Sgrub session.
  • The Aradiabot and Lil Cal (Cal Shirt) are teleported through time into a portal, crashing on the Alternia in the A2 universe.
  • Aradia finds a newly damaged Lil Cal in the crater.
  • Lil Cal is given to Kanaya to be repaired (Felt Suit).
  • Cal is ectobiologically combined with the Beta Troll’s genetic code and one of Doc Scratch’s cue balls to create Doc Scratch, the Troll’s first Guardian.
  • (Offsceen) - Dave insults Gamzee’s religion by showing him “Miracles” by the ICP.
  • (Offsceen) - Enraged and under the influence of B1 Lil Cal (Felt Suit), Gamzee begins his murderous Rampage.
  • (Offsceen) - This is also when he Chucklevoodoo’s Lil Cal into Dream Dave’s Room.
  • Lil Cal (Felt Suit) is in the Secret Music Room during Terezi’s crime scene investigation.
  • Gamzee teases Terezi with Lil Cal and steals her glasses to troll Karkat and Dave.
  • During Cascade, Gamzee does something to, or merely watches, Doc Scratch’s corpse which activates and allows Lord English to emerge.
  • (Offsceen) Cod Tier Gamzee keeps B1 Lil Cal (Felt Suit) and goes to meet Caliborn.

Post-Scratch (B2 Session)

  • Lil Cal arrives on B2 Earth with Dirk (Derse Pajamas).
  • Caliborn convinces Dirk to throw Lil Cal into the sea while Earth is being destroyed by HIC.
  • Caliborn drags abandoned Earth into his dead session, presumably with B2 Lil Cal on it.
  • Gamzee finds B2 Lil Cal (Derse Pajamas) and gives it to Caliborn.
  • Gamzee gives B1 Lil Cal (Felt Suit) to the courtyard droll.
  • The courtyard droll appearifies Lil Cal into Beta Jack Noir’s cell on Prospit.
  • B2 Jack Noir gouges out his eyes and replaces them with B1 Lil Cal’s, and is controlled by Lord English/Caliborn.
  • Dirk shoves Caliborn’s, ARquiusprite’s (Lil Hal and Equius), and half of Gamzee’s soul into B2 Lil Cal (Derse Pajamas).

Minor Speculation

  • Presumably, this would lead us to the conclusion that the Lil Cal (Derse Pajamas) that is sent into Dream Dave’s Room on Derse is the one that Dirk trapped all the souls in, meaning that Lord English was inside of B1 Lil Cal (Cal Shirt/Felt Suit) the whole time, and B2 Lil Cal (Dirk’s) was empty.
There is a way to again be in real time with the Universe; but it is not through force, imagination or manipulation. It is by finding your true Self. When you do, you will not need to manipulate life; it will simply flow.
—  Mooji
Interview: Swinging the SWORDS OF SORROW with Leah Moore

Swinging the #SWORDSOFSORROW with @LeahMoore

In just one weeks, Gail Simone’s big Dynamite crossover special, Swords of Sorrows kicks off. She has gathered together women from across comics to pen new stories of the women of the Dynamite universe. Besides a wild slice through time and space for these heroes of magic and skill there i conscious effort to bring in women writers for characters who have only ever been written by male…

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It was the pure Language of the World. It required no explanation, just as the universe needs none as it travels through endless time. What the boy felt at that moment was that he was in the presence of the only woman in his life, and that, with no need for words, she recognized the same thing. He was more certain of it than of anything in the world. He had been told by his parents and grandparents that he must fall in love and really know a person before becoming committed. But maybe people who felt that way had never learned the universal language. Because, when you know that language, it’s easy to understand that someone in the world awaits you, whether it’s in the middle of the desert or in some great city. And when two such people encounter each other, and their eyes meet, the past and the future become unimportant. There is only that moment, and the incredible certainty that everything under the sun has been written by one hand only. It is the hand that evokes love, and creates a twin soul for every person in the world. Without such love, one’s dreams would have no meaning.
—  Paulo Coelho, “The Alchemist”

There was this tortoise, its shell was covered with jewels,
and had been since time began.
It knew the world through all its histories
and the universe and its mysteries
One day it came across a man,
the tortoise offered to tell him
about the future and how the universe ran–
Oh, the man killed the tortoise, took his shell,
and with a song on his lips he walked off again.

Steven Universe gothic
  • Steven has so many moms. How many moms does he have? You have lost count. The number of moms is multiplying by the moment. Numbers have no meaning
  • Your gemsona design is finished. All that time going through websites, books, ancient ruins, temples, different planets, alternate universes, different planes of reality, and gemology pamphlets looking for the perfect gem has paid off.
  • Stronger Than You is stuck in your head. It has been stuck in your head for a while now; even before Steven Universe was conceived, even before you were conceived. The song has been stuck in your head since the beginning of creation. It is older and more beautiful than God himself. “I am made o-o-o-o-of lo-o-o-o-ove,” you sing in ancient tongues.
  • “Square Mom,” you say. “Cube Mom,” corrects your friend. “Rhombus Mom.” you reply. “Three-Dimensional Square Mom.” your friend pipes up. “Four-Dimensional Rectangle Mom.” “Five dimensional being beyond the need for gendered titles.” “God.”
  • You sob violently. You don’t know where you are. The room is dark and quiet, and you can hear nothing but muffled, quiet music. Suddenly, something cold presses against your throat. You try to scream, but you can’t. The stranger shooshes you. “Why don’t you let yourself just be wherever you are.”

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OMG hey okay so I don't know if youwill ever read this. You probably have like 1000 asks or something. I just wanted to say that you inspire me and your YouTube channel always makes me happy. I literally just had such a hard day with dealing with my depression and OCD and anxiety and god knows what. But I just watched your YouTube video and it made me feel so much happier and I actually feel so good right now. Thank you so much. You don't even know how much I love you ❤️

You make me the happiest girl in the world. The cookie family has gotten me through such hard times in my life with my family, university, and so much more. You guys are my everything and I truly love each and every single individual in the cookie family❤️❤️

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May I inquire about you idea for a Hawaii: Part II Musical? I recall seeing a post about it, but it may have been on your main blog.

haha omg it was on my old personal blog which was, as you may recall, hella deleted lol. i still have the post saved but tbh the idea was kind of stupid and i’m a little embarrassed by it so i’m hesitant to repost it LMAO……. here’s a short summary of what i came up with tho:

  • the main thrust of it was that it was about three friends (simon, henry, sally) from hawaii who find a time machine and go on an adventure through parallel universes and face a lot of danger and do a lot of singing about their feelings.
  • simon has a big crush on sally (see: introduction to the snow)
  • the main antagonist is an evil parallel universe version of simon’s dad marvin (see: the mind electric)
  • and then there’s a subplot with two time technicians, talia and mr. h, who are trying to track down the kids and stop them from irreparably damaging the multiverse with their shenanigans (see: labyrinth)
  • at the end sally sacrifices herself to save them (see: stranded lullaby) but then gets saved by henry & simon & the time technicians working together to defeat marvin (see: variations on a cloud)
  • and then there’s a happy ending and they sail off into the time sunset etc etc (see: dream sweet in sea major)

honestly it’s cute but it’s nowhere near as complex and symbolic and strange and surreal and stunning and beautiful as whatever i imagine joe has in his head about the storyline of the album, so for now it’s kind of just a placeholder in my mind until we find out (if we do ever find out, which tbh i doubt) the ACTUAL plot, ja feel???? like it’s a fun vessel for inserting tally hall references and imagining characters based on the boys (joe as simon, andrew as henry….. lol) but yeah it’s kind of just a dumb little thing i came up with when i was bored lmao.

Dear Mom

Dear Mom
I wish I knew you
Your whole life instead
Of just part.

Dear Mom

During the divorce
During bad relationships
During your teen years
During loss
During tribulations
You took shards of
Glass to your back.
But I see no scars.
just dried blood peeled

Dear Mom

You’re beautiful.
Venus de Milo has no arms.
The Starry Night was born 1889.
Everything is timeless with
Space, time, and energy
A bursting like supernova
Through a membrane of the universe.

Dear Mom

Sorry for the teen years.

Dear Mom

I know you always wanted better
But where I grew up with empty
Cocaine baggies on the cracks of
Sidewalks and used condoms on the
Corners of the street. Mouse holes
In apartments has made me become
A humble human being.

Dear Mom

I love you
I love you
I love you
I know I don’t say it
A lot

Dear Mom

Even with preparation
Of when you will no
Longer be here.
There is still no preparation.
I will be broken
Limbs will be devoured
Inside the belly of the

Dear Mom

Thank you for never laughing at my anxiety
Thank you for taken my heavy body and wrapping
Your arms around me when I needed it.
Thank you for being open to any topic
Of conversation I needed to talk about.
Thank you for your guidance and support.

Dear Mom
Love, your daughter.

I am midnight wheeling deep through space.
The day and evening of the universe,
The night and noon of time apace;
I am the muse and writer of this verse.

While earth announces night and day
Cycling through the hours passing,
I keep time in the universe’s way:
Endless night and stars ascending.

The ground is still yet moving ever,
But far beyond what moves is still;
Only growing further apart forever.
And in the bosom of that quiet chill

I flare to life as light and pulse
From gas and dust and stellar lust;
Blaze aflame in moments on impulse
Shine brighter than yon lunar dust.

A flash of seconds mere fleeting
Stretched through space across the years
I’ll light your nights always shining
Even when my end nears.

—  Starlight

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combeferre as atticus finch aka bombtastic morally righteous lawyer guy


  • ferre was the first person in his family to go to college, much less law school, and while he would never resent any of his classmates in grad school for their families’ economic privilege, he’s the first one in any given situation to call anyone out on their shit in terms of money or wealth distribution or working class families. he has a professor for a western economics course who tried everything in his power to fail him for all the fights he picked and bullshit he called throughout lectures, but try as he might, he never could because obviously ferre aced every test and moreover, his papers showed more promise than anyone passing through the university in years. every time ferre was handed back a paper with a big a on the front, he would smirk at his professor and the figurative bass would literally drop somewhere overhead.  
  • combeferre’s best weapon is his ability to keep his cool. when he was a teenager, kids used to start shit with him and he would never rise to the bait, which only made whoever was provoking him grow angrier and angrier until they snapped, but ferre was always the picture of cool, calm and collected. in college, it wins him nearly every mock debate. in law school, it saves enjolras and everyone else’s asses a thousand times over when he has to appeal to the deans on their behalf because of whatever stunt they recently pulled. in his career, it makes clients trust him, judges respect him, and opponents loathe him. 
  • ferre’s dream is to become a judge, actually. the first person he tells is enjolras, when they’re both ranting to each other one night sat up in their dorms about a case in the news that a verdict was just announced for. enjolras looks at him with more hope than combeferre had ever seen in his eyes - and that’s really saying something. 
  • one of the first things ferre does once he graduates law school is start a program at the community center he’s been volunteering at for years that pairs students in public schools in bad areas with law students at his alma mater as a mentorship program, but also to encourage these kids to seek scholarships and pursue higher education. most people in the program mentor one or two kids. ferre mentors anywhere from six to eight at any given time.
  • ferre is the first pick for every internship program in his second year or law school. he is the top of his class, the highest score on the lsat walking this campus. he has a borderline photographic memory and the critical thinking skills to make up for whatever image it is he slips on. what his fellow classmates underestimate is his heart. because he can take down an argument with five words, but they will be the most choice, most thought provoking, genuine five words you will ever hear.

give me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons

A three-day binge of Steven Universe has left me really wanting to talk about what an amazing time we live in for animation.  Is the name Animated Discussions already taken?  I feel like it must be.