Because I did not hunger

I ate your apricot: because I’m a beast,
not craving flesh just the dark, gnarled pit:

because these are all the shards on the floor

and the one unbreakable glass:
because you told me not to

I gobbled whole globes, soft

bites whispering off, and off, and off
until I unbuckled my belt to fit myself:

because I wanted you to catch me,

throttle me, and take my fingers in your mouth:
because it hurt to breathe

those colors, its skin all fire and earth:
because the fruit was firm,

the flat of your palm,

against my cheek: because bruised
skin spares no tongue its sugar—

—  Derrick Austin, Apology, published in Muzzle Magazine

I’ve read a lot of people say that Daryl is huffy that Michonne is picked as Rick’s second when he’s given the job but I don’t think that’ the problem. 
There’s no way he would have taken the role in the unlikely event he was offered it. He’d literally just been pulled off throttling someone so probably not the best idea just then. 
Daryl’s likely to be angry that they’re accepting the positions at all, saying they want to be part of it, especially after what just happened. 

THE DESCENT, a full throttle all-female cast horror flick, will be presented by the hikarious Kumail Nanjiani during our 4th Annual Wayne Federman International Film Festival
March 8

I have complicated feelings about Toichi Kuroba like:

  • I hope he’s alive
  • I hope he’s dead
  • Why u do dis
  • You Womanizer
  • If he is ______ I throttle him
  • Can I see his death files?
  • why u so hot/handsome?
  • He didn’t deserve to die so young ;_;
  • If he’s alive I will kill him to spare Kaito’s pain.
  • So is Yuusaku your brother or nah?
  • Can your name be more obvious?
  • Did you plan that Paris thing?
  • Poker Face 100,0% perfect
  • how did he install that Kaito Kid cave.WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING?

It’s amazing how easy it is to do something when you have the proper tools. With the help of @deathleatherblues @obrien8778 and @pwb_666 I cut off all the fatbob mounts the other night. Still need to do some weld repair. Making progress though. And very happy with my decision to use the @throttle_addiction Frisco’d Wassel style tank!

anonymous asked:

What's it like living with Reno?

"That about sums it up, yeah? Pff, geez where to begin? I dunno, it varies from day to day. I think getting used to each other’s home habits was the toughest part. You know, the shit you do at home that no one else knows about. Except for the person living with you. We end up tussling over the dumbest shit. Little things that get to you over time like, oh, I dunno…. leaving the AC on all night. >_>

Sometimes I wanna throttle the guy, beat him unconscious with a pillow, and them toss him out the window. Sometimes I don’t. In the mornings I wake up with him laying there beside me, I just feel so damn happy and at peace with myself. After a long day when I come home and he’s there, it’s like all the bad shit never even happened. 

Since we both have busy schedules, we end up missing each other a lot. Either one’s leaving early or coming back late. It’s rough sometimes, but we both knew what we were getting into when we started this. Besides, I think the distance makes him horny as hell which makes the sex ten times as good.

And for the record, technically we don’t live together. We have our own separate places, we’re just usually spending the night. So much so that we keep stuff around for the other just in case they come around, like an extra toothbrush, or their favorite body wash, or a never ending supply of waffle mix.”


Pick a thicker, Quicker-Picker-Upper
Quick, pick her up, upper, up-and-out, up-and-down.

Maybe it’s Maybelline, maybe tonight
Maybe this line is Mabel; see her eyeliner, thighs and cream.

Are you in good hands? His hands her hands
hand-me-down, hand-crafted, hand-blown glass, breakable.

Nothing comes between me and my Calvins
come closer, you, me, nothing between me and my—

Have a coke and smile.
Have coke and smile and smile and smile.

Drive one, drive me crazy, loco
locate me, my throttle, drive, drive into—

Because I’m worth it What happens here
stays here; Betcha can’t eat just one.

Bounty, Maybelline, Allstate, Calvin Klein, Coke, Ford, L’Oréal , Las Vegas, Lay’s