THE BIKE IS FIXED!!!! Finally!!! So we ended up salvaging some parts from my brothers friends wrecked R6. So I now have a new front wheel (mine was bent) new rotors (mine were warped) and other random little parts. Plus I got a new front tire and my forks serviced 💪🏻 also replaced the throttle cable, cleaned the throttle bodies, and removed the tire pressure sticker on the swingarm.

The new front wheel doesn’t have the red rim tape that came with my bike. So should I cover up the red rim tape on my back tire or get red rim tape to put on the front??
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//i think nux knew he wasnt gonna make it out of the rig. the way he looks at capable as she climbs out, to me its almost like he knows hes possibly seeing her for the last time. even if rictus didn’t drop onto the hood and fuck things up, nux knew the chances of him getting out safely and getting to the other car was pretty slim.

thats why he told capable to go before him, rather than him just jamming the throttle & going straight after her. ‘cause if he did, he was risking capable’s life too. also, the look on his face the entire time is kinda sad - not worried or outright terrified, but almost resigned. like he knows its gonna happen & hes accepted it


Every time I see some new writer keep saying Wanda’s in love with Simon, I want to throttle them. It’s not just cause I ship Wanda x Vision hard, but because this was already explored under Busiek.

She was with Simon for quite a while, but both of them finally understood how they fully felt. 

No, Wanda wasn’t that in love with Simon. Even with Vision being a twat during this time, she still would pick Vision. He continued acting like a twat for nearly 20 issues, but they finally got their act back together in the end.


*tired sigh*

i’m lit going to throttle xkit blacklist like yes it hasn’t been updated in a long long time but it likes to be choosy and blacklist on a few things?? or bc the tag has numbers or slashes next to it but ggg work with me here i am trying to Live

Why is it you can get so wrapped up in fictional characters, not just in TV but fanfiction to the point you are yelling, clapping, ready to throttle, punch, scream, then laugh, cry etc. It’s rare for me to get this caught up in characters. Last time was 20yrs ago with Xena…and now it’s come back to haunt me again with SwanQueen. Emma and Regina are just soooo…ARRRG! *thunks head on desk*. They just need to make them canon and let us all die HAPPY!


The poorly named “Copyright Alert System” is happening.  This is not a joke, and is going into effect this Monday for all AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner, and Verizon subscribers


  “Naturally my birth almost kills my mother, for my head is too big, but soon it is I, and not my mother, on the critical list at Salford’s Pendlebury Hospital. I cannot swallow and I spend months hospitalized, my stomach ripped open, my throat pulled wide, my parents are warned that I am unlikely to survive. Disappearing beneath a mass of criss-crossed blanket stitches, I grip onto the short life that has already throttled me.”


COMUNE - Throttled, Ray Gordon Photo Show & Day Ride through Los Angeles