stratonaut asked:

Hey there, I finished the first book and I loved it. I was wondering if you could point me into the direction of good elphaba and glinda fics. Thanks!

Long Live Gelphie!

I am very glad you asked me this question. This is only a smattering of what is available. The fandom being over 10 years old with various peaks of popularity means there are approx. 5800 stories on FF, with a bit of a war between Gelphie and Fiyeraba… anyway. Here are some stories I enjoy.

Activities Between Friends by LolaVerdigris. Rating M. Complete. (update: AH IT’S WIP! Nooo!) Bookverse. Sass galore. Shameless Gelphie. (I swear we must cajole this person into finishing it!)

Unadulterated Something by throppsicle. Rating: M. Technically WIP (17/18 chapters posted but the main story is complete, just sadly missing an epilogue! Which may never come but oh well it’s really basically done.). Roughly musical-verse but takes some elements from the book as well. Glinda POV and has some intense moments.

Not Completely, Altogether Here by goodyafternoon. Rating M. Complete. I can never choose a singular fave fic but this one would be very high on the list. Ghost Glinda. Living Elphaba. Shiz AU. Starts hilarious and cute, ramps up to intense, and I’ll let you read the ending.

The Last True Eminent Thropp by ridiculousmavis. Rating: M. Complete. Great strong characterization for Elphaba and Glinda. Heavy political themes. Bookverse.

Night Light by IntergalacticKoala. Rating: E. Complete. One-shot of Gelphie first time. Modern Shiz AU verse.

The Love Club by IntergalacticKoala(aka spaciegelphs). Rating: T (for now?). WIP. Modern Oz AU. Great diversity of characters. Trans Glinda, Intersex Elphaba. No one is straight. Trust me it’s worth a read! [Great artist too a lot of Gelphie ranging from cute character studies to omg nsfw.]

Promises Kept by Gelphie44. Rating M. Complete. LONG. Starts with Fiyeraba but of course Gelphie must happen or I wouldn’t include this. A roller coaster of a story but a lot of plot and development to make it worth it.

Careful Considerations by smarmypuggles. Rating: T. Complete. Bookverse. Relatively positive vibes! (Which for Gelphie is a nice change of pace haha)

Together We’re Unlimited by Auntie Elphie. Rating: M. Complete. This person deserves a shout out for this story being 59 chapters (some short, story is just shy of 100k words) and working on this story off and on for SEVEN YEARS. I applaud them for coming back and finishing it. There are many sadly unfinished stories in the fandom but this got finished!

(Good grief I read a lot of M/E stories. I can find more T etc you if want that.)

wickedspeed posts a lot of good short bits from prompts or just great ideas.

I’m at a loss for words attempting to describe what I experienced while reading Unadulterated Something. I struggle to even write this description…or what ever this is right here and now, darnit!

Okay. Scrap trying to reinterpret what I felt over the 9 uninterrupted hours it took me to complete US -  there is only one thing I am now sure of and that is the amount of appreciation and respect I have gained for the author; Miss Jessica.

For those of you who have been fortunate enough to indulge in this beautiful Wicked/Gelphie fic, do join me in my unheard applause & copious thanks for it’s existence! For those of you who have not yet, please…please take the time to do delve into US, I assure there will be not a single regret. 

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What's going on with Unadulterated Something?

I’m giving myself until the end of my holiday break (about Jan. 5th) as a deadline.

If I do not write an epilogue, I am going to re-write the last chapter to tie up any loose ends and effectively end the story where it is.

In all honesty, that is probably what’s going to happen.

I don’t want to leave the story eternally “unfinished” but I don’t have much time, energy or ambition for fanfic at the moment. It used to be my escape. But my life has changed so much that now it’s more like a chore that keeps me from doing the things I actually want to do. It has too many associations with a past I don’t want to hold onto.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m still going to read and beta fic. But once I get US tied up, that might be it for me as far as writing.

I’m answering Sam's questions! Whoo!

1. Favourite food: PANCAKES

2. Would you ever get a piercing or tattoo? Or do you have any? I have a tattoo, and I’d like to get another one sometime!

3. The furthest you have travelled away from home? Japan!

4. Memorable theatre-going experience? Wicked NL every time I’ve seen Willemijn (HOW FUN!, posh English accent used for greeting us, signing things and sticking her head in giftbags), the VIP thing after her solo concert where we waited in the “queue” for like an hour and she kept looking at us like :), also Wicked London cast change last year

5. Favourite band/singer? WILLEMIJN, also Exist Trace, Takahashi Ai etc

6. Least favourite character of your favourite musical? The Wizard

7. Favourite movie? Ummmmmmm that’s a hard question. I like The Hunger Games, Sucker Punch, etc?

8. The longest you’ve stayed awake? 48 hours when Sam and I went to Japan! Woke up at like 6am to get to the airport in London, waited for a few hours, got on a plane for 11.5 hours and everything after that is a blur lolol

9. Been to any concerts? An Cafe, Momoi Halko, Hangry&Angry, Unicorn Table, Louise Dearman, Willemijn Verkaik (<333)

10. Favourite fanfiction writer/book author? Favourite authors are Gregory Maguire, J R R Tolkien, J.K Rowling. Favourite fanfiction writers are Jenn, Throppsicle and Maeline.