Dirty Sweaty Nasty Presents: Throbcast 017 (Mad Drunk)

Throbcast 017 - DSN Crew (Mad Drunk) by Dirty Sweaty Nasty

YO!  It’s time for another Dirty Sweaty Nasty Throbcast!  Check out the past sixteen Throbcasts and you’ll see most of them have featured guest appearances from DJs like Tittsworth, Grime Syndicate, and Obeyah.  But this time, The Clown Prince, DJ XO, and Grom came together and allowed their drunken alter egos to take over the program.  The hour-long mix is packed full of guilty pleasures, energetic electro, mellow dubstep, and anything else that felt right at the moment.  Hang with the guys as they mix tunes and experience a rapid, drunken decline.  But like a fine wine or that Becky double-fisting cranberry vodkas, this mix only gets better with time.  If you’re likin’ their style, check em out on August 30th at the Velvet Lounge for their DC Takeover!


Dirty, sweaty, nasty, and undeniably throbbing, the Geisha Twins have released a mix for record label Dirty Sweaty Nasty (DSN) and it is an hour of Nu Disco bangers that will get any party going.  It’s "a feeding frenzy of energy and unrelenting, throbbing, pulsing vibrations", as DSN would describe it.  The Geisha Twins produce Nu Disco at it’s best, and this mix is no exception.  Put this on on a Saturday night or just play it in your headphones and anybody listening is guaranteed to get up and dance. 

Oh yeah, and it’s free for download :)

Throbcast020 - Geisha Twins by Dirty Sweaty Nasty

1. Geisha Twins Intro
2. Bonobo - Prelude
3. Louis La Roche - Los Angeles
4. Banana Groovz Ft. Mieczyk - Saxy Thang (Original Mix) [Exclusive]
5. Banana Groovz - Get High (Agent Stereo Remix)
6. Koe - What A Feeling (Original Mix)
7. J Paul Getto - You Make Me Happy (Original Mix)
8. Hey Sam & Jesus - Old School Tip (Benson Remix)
9. Deep Future - A Thousand Roads
10. Geisha Twins - Do You Feel The Same? (Maddelish Remix)
11. Joey Chicago - So In Love (Original Mix)
12. Cassara - The World Is Yours (Geisha Twins Remix) [Exclusive]
13. Now In Stereo - Away (Ghosts Of Venice Remix)
14. Solidisco - Savin My Love [Exclusive]
15. Aaron Perez & Matt Soda - The Countdown (Original Mix) [Exclusive]
16. Quakers Vs Mormons - New York Town (Leonno Remix)
17. Anthony Ross - Real (Original Mix) [Exclusive]
18. La Zebra - Stay With Me
19. Le Babar - Just Know (Original Mix)
20. Skingz - I Surrenders (Original Mix) [Exclusive]
21. Dom Kennedy - O.P.M.

Throbcast016 - PLS DNT STP by Dirty Sweaty Nasty

Dirty Sweaty Nasty is back this month with a new Throbcast, this time brought to you by Philly’s PLS DNT STP.  DSN’s 16th Throbcast is a thirty-minute trip down dubstep lane, carefully orchestrated by Thomas Kee and Fredric Fresh of PLS DNT STP.  I haven’t been keeping up with too much dubstep ever since the “brostep” movement emerged but this mix quickly reminded me that dubstep could still be fun and sometimes, you can even dance to it.  There’s some jams in here you might even know, like Rusko’s “Hold On” and Tittsworth & Alvin Risk’s “Pendejas”.  But personally, I decided I was committed to listening to this mix after Nicki Minaj poked her Barbie’d ass head in my life at around the ten minute mark.  SHE JUS SHIDID ON EM.

Dazed & Confused feat. Janai & Illaman - SKiSM’s Baroque Out Remix
Going Down - Your Dirty Habit+Trillbass (PLS DNT STP RMX)
Hot and Fun - N.E.R.D (Nero RMX)
Kraft (Electrophants’ HEY! Remix) - Hide and Scream
Raise your Weapon - Deadmau5and Madeon Remix edit
Unorthodox (Bar9 Dubstep Remix) (Example) - Wretch 32
Rock It Roll It feat. Sirreal & Pippa Trix - Dirtyloud Remix - Calvertron, Tim Healey
Lockdown - Megaladon
Did it On Em - Nicki Minaj
Genesis - Anyman
Watch Out - Doctor P
Night Society - Hussle Club (PLS DNT STP remix)
It’s Not Over - Will Styles
Pendejas - Alvin Risk+Tittsworth
Rusko - Hold On (Sub Focus Remix - The Mane Thing Moombahcore Edit)
All Night - Jack Beats feat John B
Bass Cannon - Flux Pavilion
Hinduistics - Filmi (FS Remix)
Time - Chase+Status feat Deliliah (HYX Remix)
Bad Girls - Jay Cunning & One Sinner (High Rankin Remix)
Cinema - Benny Benassi (Skrillex Remix)


DSN est. 2009

Throbcast021 - Billy The Gent by Dirty Sweaty Nasty

1. The Cure - 13th (Swing Radio Mix)
2. Nadastrom - Diabluma Theme
3. DJ Moms & Amazinggaijin - Sabro (Jay Fay Remix)
4. Dillon Francis, Diplo, Maluca - Que Que (Torro Torro Remix)
5. Munchi - Manolo No Coje Esa
6. Busta Rhymes - Touch It
7. Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf (Craze & Codes Remix)
8. Bare & Datisk - King Kong (Jawns x Gent Remix)
9. Nadastrom - i!!!
10. SPL - Back At It (Brosafari Remix)
11. Major Lazer - Original Don Ft. The Partysquad
12. AC Slater - Hip Hop Drop
13. Codes - God Bless (Torro Torro Remix)
14. JWLS - Ganja Is For Gangstas
15. Munchi - Fuck Wendy Van Dijk
16. Steve Starks - Problem
17. Crookers - Dr. Gonzo
18. Kill The Noise - Roots (Will Bailey Remix)
19. Nadastrom - Diabluma Theme (Tittsworth Remix)
20. Yelawolf - Daddy’s Lambo

Catch Billy and the rest of the DSN crew this Friday in DC for fucking FREE

New Throbcast from DJ Melo! #MOOMBAHTON

Throbcast019 - DJ Melo by Dirty Sweaty Nasty


Melo, Pickser & Sabo - Clap Your Hands 
Jon Kwest - Chang 
Pickster - Waistline 
Bro Safari - Do It 
J-Trick & Anndyk - Blaze It 
Pickster & Melo - El Bumper 
Sazon Booya - Chorizo 
The Shapeshifters - She Freaks (Special ReKwest) 
CSS - Hits Me Like A Rock (Dillon Francis Remix) 
Aylen - The Rapture 
Jon Kwest - My Place 
Craze & Heartbreak - Summer Riddim 
Teenwolf & Shelco Garcia - Take Some Time 
Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (DJ Melo Remix) 
Jamie XX - Far Nearer (Nadastrom & Sabo Moombahton Edit) 
Alliance - Mi Gente (Mendez Remix) 
DJ Melo - Topless Riddim 
Bro Safari - Runnit 
Lil Wayne - Up Up & Away 
Astronomar - Moombahtronix 
Riot Earp aka Moombahtron - Jiggle 
ETC!ETC! & Kid Cedek - Alarma

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DSN est. 2009