Day 15 of 30 Days of TAH

Is there anything your love of Thrilling Adventure Hour has lead you to that you’ve really gotten into?  Or something that you loved before you learned about TAH that made TAH stick for you?

I have never been much of a person for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or other things like that.  At Comic Con this past year when I ran into Marc Evan Jackson on the convention floor, while in my Sparks Nevada costume, he took me to meet the Ben’s.  The Ben’s were very excited about my costume and took pictures to put on Twitter, and asked me for my handle(I think that’s the word), and I told them that I did not have one.  It was at this point that they both said that I HAD to get a Twitter account, so naturally I mad to make one. 

Being that I now use Twitter and follow everyone on @ThrillingADV I heard about this 30 Days of TAH, and imediately knew that I had to join Tumblr  just so I could participate.  Thanks to jmebressler, chedsy, annakie, and danigi for all the assistance in setting this up.  I am still terrible at getting on to check the new topic for the day, but I promise I will get them all done.  Plus I love reading all the other responses from everyone else. 

Ok this is getting kind of long so I will try and sum this up a little quicker by rattling off the last few things, as I know that many other people have elaborated more on them.  Dead Authors Podcast, Drunk History, Castle (because I had to buy season 4 as well), Supernatural, Nerdist Writers Panel, and Welcome to Nightvale. Also I am currently trying to get a copy of Drones to watch as well.