Alfred Hitchcock was a pioneer, not a genre. Just because Psycho is very clearly a horror film doesn’t mean that it is separate from other shit like Notorious or The 39 Steps. But by taking it and trying to force a genre on it so that it fits neatly in the same Best Buy section as his other films is foolish. You’re almost assured of seeing Psycho before you die, and odds are it’ll probably be your introduction to the William Taft of the macabre, but trying to turn it into a “thriller” is just going to make a second-time Hitchcock watcher put in Spellbound, expect shower stabberies, and receive nothing but disenchantment.

6 Stupid Misconceptions That Ruin Classic Movies


Enemy (2014) [Requested by: anonymous & oddtbc]

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Director of Photography: Nicolas Bolduc

Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1