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I went to see Camp Lo the other night.  My first concert since I moved to Colorado.  FIRST OFF, I’d like to admit that I am terrible at recording performances.  I found this out when I went to go see Tribe.  I bounced and danced around so much that the footage was all shaky. & I’m too preoccupied watching the live performance that I don’t pay attention to what I’m capturing, causing heads to be cut off.  But at least the audio is good….. lol.

Anyway, I was impressed with the opening acts.  A local artist was performing when I got there…. Three2.  He is DOPE!  My new favorite.  When I watched him it was like the music wasn’t even on.. I was just listening to the words that flowed from his mouth & thru the mic.  I couldn’t find much info on him, but I did record one of his performances.  What I recorded did him no justice.  His energy, presence, & passion is what impressed me.  It’s one of those.. “you just had to be there” moments.  If anyone has info on Three2 please do share.