Life Path Numbers as the Zodiac Signs

One is the Sagittarius. They are leaders, successful, independent, pioneering, ambitious, and courageous.

Two is Pisces. They are cooperative, sensitive, they are very keen on others’ feelings, gentle, organized, and artistic.

Three is Taurus. They are creative, optimistic, generous, they live for today, and they are great listeners.

Four is Virgo. They are determined, practical, organized, honest, and stubborn.

Five is Aries. They are freedom-seeking, adventurous, restless, and social.

Six is Cancer. They are nurturers, loving, warm, serving, and great caretakers/providers.

Seven is Scorpio. They are mysterious, loners, aloof, pessimistic, secretive, and insecure.

Eight is Taurus again. They seek financial security, slow to decide on anything, blunt, and leaders.

Nine is Pisces again. They are leaders, selfless, compassionate, generous, and friendly.

Eleven is Gemini. They are intuitive, inspiring, sensitive, charismatic, inventive, and deep thinkers.

Twenty-two is Aquarius. They are powerful, spiritual, practical, knowledgeable, intuitive, insensitive, and dictatorial.