Long, long ago, when you still woke up in the morning  
with a bright smile and the energy racing through your veins,  
there was this golden sparkle in your eye.  

People who saw you and looked into your eyes, stood still for a moment,  
admiring the happiness and playfulness  
you radiated into everybody else’s vision.

Every day they enjoyed the rays of sunshine you shone into the world,  
you felt loved, you made their days, their hours, their minutes  
and their seconds worth more.

You gave all you had, you did everything to make them smile  
their prettiest smiles, you were so important for them,
they gathered it all from you.

After a few years those glittering eyes lost  
their power to illuminate the world,  
there was barely anything left to sprinkle through the rooms.

Passion and love, happiness and energy, light and curiousness,  
it was hard to find it in your blue eyes,  
which were once the definition thereof.

Not everything was taken, not everything ran out,  
there was left an enormous gray, rainy cloud,  
full of water that was spread everywhere around your body.

It took over your toes, shins, knees, thighs, stomach, breasts,  
hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, collarbones, neck, ears, hair, mouth  
and your beautiful blue eyes.

This minute, this second, the light is burning low, your eyes are dull  
and hollow when they open, but most of the time you are asleep,  
trying to ignore the emptiness.