So, tonight, July 3, some friends and I went to this place, the Main Street Comedy Pub (formerly The Joke Factory), in Evansville, Indiana. Part of the night was open mic, and one of my friends was going to go up. We were there to support her, and as we waited for her to go onstage, we sat down and watched the comedian before her. 



One of the first jokes we heard was about lesbians. The comedian—this man, named Corey Keough Martin, was being generally gross and not too creative in his ‘comedy.’ I thought it was all pretty routine, but then he made a joke about date rape, so I called him out on it (loudly). He said something to the effect of, “Oh, you’re one of those feminists.” (He was not very funny, or intelligent, so this is, again, pretty well what I expected.) 

Anyway, this man went on to make a string of rape ‘jokes’—(as well as a joke about murdering women and/or babies), actually said he committed rape frequently and then threatened to rape me, calling me and my friends ‘cunts’. I got up then to walk out, and as I left, he addressed the audience (about 100 people), saying he was going to slash my tires after the show. He laughed and said that if he did slash my tires, I might get raped, adding, “Wouldn’t that be a good time for her?” 

After this threat of rape by the comedian as well as his advocating my rape by members of the audience, my friends and I decided to leave, feeling the place was unsafe. As we were outside waiting on our other friend, the manager on duty of the comedy club—this man, Mark Bryan—came out and asked for me, saying my name. I told him who I was and he asked if I was okay. At first I thought he was on my side, but when I and my friends responded that we felt threatened and personally attacked, he became extremely defensive and told us it was all a joke, and not to come to comedy clubs if we were easily offended. I responded that the man wasn’t telling jokes—he was threatening rape and encouraging others to do so. My girlfriend and my friends were also telling him this—emphasizing how we felt as women in his establishment. 

Mark Bryan repeatedly told us it was all just a joke, and not to come out again if we couldn’t “take a joke.” Our attempts to get him to understand our feelings in the situation missed their target completely, and we drove away after getting his name. 

So here’s where I need your help. I don’t always feel enthusiastic about my city, but I do know it’s been a place I’ve felt safe for some time and would like to continue to do so. I can’t believe a place in my city would give a platform to a man like that, and I know my friends and I feel shaken after tonight. Please share this with your followers and spread the message. This is unacceptable. I don’t want harassment aimed at the comedy club or its owners, but I would like them to get the message that rape is never funny.

Their Facebook page is The Main Street Comedy Club.

Their Twitter is here.

Their phone number is (812) 453-7636. 

The comedian, Corey Keough Martin:



So this is what happens when I choose to speak out AGAINST misogyny, patriarchy, male entitlement and male privilege, I get men calling for my death and the death of women like me. THIS is a prime example of why women live in fear daily and why the #YesAllWomen hashtag is so relevant and important. 

Now this guy has both tumblr and twitter. I have filed a report with twitter, sent his tweet to Montreal Police and even the FBI (yes, it’s that serious). If you feel inclined, please report him on here ( sofarsoshawn ) and twitter

mysterygirl1306 said:

So I was in an abusive relationship both physically and mentally, he would call me a stupid, fat , bitch, he'd call me a cunt or a whore, and he pushed me up against a wall and choked me and told me if I leave him then he'll shoot me and the only way I'll leave is in a body bag, and yesterday he apologized for everything and asked me to take him back and he will never do it again and I don't know what to say he was my first boyfriend and my first love I'm just really confused please help?

He called you horrible names.  He assaulted you.  He threatened to murder you.  He claimed to be sorry, claimed he’ll never do it again, but what if that’s not true?  He’s already proven that he’s a dangerous person.  He’s already proven that he is capable of abuse, of treating you horribly, of being a violent person.  You don’t owe him a second chance.  His treatment of you and subsequent “apologies” and “promises” to never do that stuff again make him fit the profile of a typical abuser, who follow a cycle of honeymoon stage → abuse → apology → honeymoon stage, etc.  Check out the image below for a better illustration of the cycle of abuse. 


You should definitely NOT let this guy back into your life.  You deserve a partner who would never even think about treating someone the way he treated you.  You deserve a partner who respects your wishes and words, who would never hurt you or call you names, who can handle strong emotions like anger without resorting to violence or threats, and who PROTECTS you from harm, not causes harm to you.  Take time to yourself for some self-care and self-love and work on building your own self-esteem and self-confidence.  You’ll find a new, better partner when you have spent time improving your own character.  Take care, dear.

In the kitchen he ate a pear. It occurred to him that, though he had eaten hundreds of pears in the past, if not thousands, this pear was different from every single one he had ever eaten, wholly unique, and, in fact, as he ate it, he was opening parts of the pear that had never been experienced by anyone, human or animal. When his maxillary incisors pierced the skin, which first protected the fruit as it had against rain and sun and then yielded to the invasion, he was oxygenating particles that had never even been open to oxygen. The wet fruit and seeds had existed in darkness for their entire lives until he tore them out with his teeth.
—  Amelia Gray, Threats
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Despite an increased awareness of overfishing, the majority of people still know very little about the scale of the destruction being wrought on the oceans. This film presents an unquestionable case for why overfishing needs to end and shows that there is still an opportunity for change. 


Under the FB section (mostly) of THIS article - I had a lengthy comment typed, but some of this left me speechless. This is NOT what happens to men with debatable or downright provocative opinions. Show me the male equivalent to Anita Sarkeesian or Zoe Quinn. I also included Kotaku’s comment mainly for one point: The authorities have proof the threats are real, and [reasonable person] no one can really be riding the “she made it up” train. But when you form your opinions somewhere in your lower intestines, what are facts to you, anyways? I am also shocked by how many women join the club and point out THEMSELVES what a good girl IS: a nobody. You can be on youtube, but please be a nobody. It is so telling how scared many women are to be sent off the playground if they annoy the boys - also tells you who thinks the playground’s still theirs. —-

A woman’s life and safety is worth nothing to these guys compared to them “making a point”. A woman they disagree with deserves to be shut up by any means possible, and ll that of course in the name of objective reporting and debate. ESPECIALLY the “moderate” critics confirm this:” If she would just shut up and dissapear, she wouldn’t have to deal with the abuse.  ”

Of course, this isn’t the whole bunch, just a selection.

Special mentions go to young father Mark Bradley Jr. :

as well as

Jeffrey Huff

Christoffer Engström

Stiv Spazo

George Brountchenko

Ryan Mason Gay

Boris Tutschek

Connor Black

Brad Benson

Alex Gerhard

Robert Spradlin

for publicly condoning violence. PS: It’s not doxxing if YOU publish ot next to your name and a pic of your face/ kid’s face/ whatever.

I had over 40 images related assholes hating on Sarkeesian in my inbox. I added 9 here to the one that was submitted, but since they’re all anonymous submissions, I can’t tell which are supposed to go together and I don’t have time to try to match the names to the ones you linked here. Anyway, I’ll queue up 2 other photo sets w/ this garbage about her, but as this point I think we can say it’s well documented how shittily she’s being treated. 

mouthcrabs said:

Tonight when my (now ex) boyfriends friend tried to get in my face and actually get physical with me I stood my ground and fought back. As soon as he saw I was willing to fight him he backed the fuck down like the little wimpy weiner he is. All I could think of is how proud you would be of me. :)

Yeah you showed his fucking doucheass, mama!  You rock!