Advent Calendar Day 23 - Sick

your holiday karma finally caught up with you sol

that and standing on kitchen floor with bare feet tsk tsk 

no sol you havve to eat your medicine before you get the wwarm tea 

Day 1- Sweaters
Day 2- Snowball Fights
Day 3- Hot Chocolate
Day 4- Books
Day 5 - Ice Skating
Day 6 - Parkas/Big Jackets
Day 7 - Sledding
Day 8 - Snow Angels
Day 9 - Fireplace/Candles
Day 10 - Snowed In
Day 11 - Quilts
Day 12 - Mistletoe/Smooches
Day 13 - Snowmen
Day 14 - Hot Baths
Day 15 - Winter Hats and Mittens
Day 16 - Shaking from the cold
Day 17 - Snow Shoveling
Day 18 - Hibernate/sleep
Day 19 - Cookies/Cake/Gingerbread 
Day 20 - Scarves 
Day 21 - Soup
Day 22 - Huddle for warmth 
Day 23 - Sick
Day 24 - Socks/Boots 
Day 25 - Trade Gifts 
Day 26 - Foggy Breaths 
Day 27 - Ski 
Day 28 - Knitting 
Day 29 - Power Outage 
Day 30 - Sing Loudly and/or Obnoxiously 
Day 31 - Family/friend pictures 

"First Kiss" One Shot

Author: painedcas

Summary:  Dean is having major issues with alcohol when his best friend Charlie convinces him to go to AA. There he meets his sponsor, Castiel.

Warnings: Alcohol, Suicide

Word Count: 10475 (its worth it trust me)

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The flames licked up the side of the wooden house, crackling and glowing as they grew ever larger and larger. Yes, California had always been an arid, dry state to live in, but the weather that summer had always been worse than ever. Lightning strikes, as if sent from some mighty god in the sky, had ignited what sparse greenery that grew around the town of Palo Alto. The Sierra Nevada stood threateningly to the east of the Bay Area, blocking any rain that could extinguish the flames. 

variant-waylon said:


[[…Is it a bad thing that I already kinda secretly shipped this?..]]

His new ‘partner’ was treading on thin ice, annoyed eyes trained on the man that proudly swung his axe over his shoulder and continued on down the hall after their quick argument about who was going to land the finishing blow to Blaire.

Apparently the idiot thought he had won, how cute.

Waylon quickened his pace, matching the others speed and catching up quickly. “Cockslut.” He called, almost affectionately, and as soon as those eyes had shifted to stare at his own, they both moved.

At exactly the same time his pipe pressed threateningly at Waylon’s throat he could feet the axe held against his own, grinning widely at the glare that greeted him.

Leaning forward with confidence, pressing his neck into the axe and almost purring as he mashed their lips together.

As usual, Jiho’s and Kyung’s fights consist of 50% insulting each other and 50 remaining percent terrified eyes. When things get heated, voices lowered and tension building, that’s when shit hits the fan. Usually.

“I swear in the name of raspberry jam donuts, if you don’t shut the fuck up right now, I’m gonna shove my dick so far up your throat you won’t be able to speak for a full week!” Jiho screeches out in anger, hands lingering on his zipper threateningly.

Kyung looks at Jiho’s face, his pants and then the ground and Jiho can only see his ears burning bright red.

“..But I’d like that.”

That moment when you realize there's no way into will all fit in the car.

My movers are taking their full contractual spread (14 days) to deliver my stuff. That puts us at the 16th. I have a car load of clothes and other essentials like a lamp and toiletries and a single plate that I was sure hoping to use to start my new life in a new city tomorrow.

And I have half a carload of cat crate.

That puts us at 50% more car than I own.

Nothing left to do but hope morning brings me the perfect Tetris piece to come and make it all work.

anonymous said:

my headcanon for aleks and james is that theyre in a type of "bromance" relationship,, could you do something where they're doing something really gay but don't notice it? (maybe on a livestream, in the creature office or just in their apartment)

i admit when i hear “bromance” all i can think of is NO HOMO but i like general closeness whether it’s platonic or romantic

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you reach into my snake enclosure threateningly, holding a menacing looking object in your right hand. “you shouldn’t have double crossed me,” you say bitterly, “now you’ll have to pay the price.” tears begin to fill my eyes as i realize what you intend to do. my voice cracks as i whisper into the darkness, already knowing that i am too late. “my anaconda… don’t…”

in math we were measuring out the circumferences of cups using string. my friend was like hey, I’ll measure the circumference of your head, and I held up the string between my hands threateningly and said “I’ll measure the circumference of your throat” but way too loudly and everyone in class was terrified

ametalmerc said:

"You're warm." Snuggly robot noises.

Elizabeth was… surprised, to say the least.  And just a bit uncomfortable.  Not to mention unnerved.  This appeared to be one of the same breed she fought day in and day out, and she wasn’t entirely certain she wanted it that close to her.  She moved away and stood up, one hand threateningly on the belt of her skirt over a suspicious-looking bump.