Man, I always hear people mention Bucky’s hesitation in the “who the hell is Bucky?” scene in terms of Bucky recognizing some part of Steve or the familiarity with which Steve says that name, “Bucky?” but what really gets me is how strange it must be for the Winter Soldier to be recognized as something other than ‘the asset’ or a threat. Like, for the first time since the birth of the Winter Soldier, someone has looked at him and not seen the machine. That’s gotta be fucking crazy to him. He’s had two identifiers his entire life as he knows it and suddenly this guy is fucking that all up for him. No wonder it put a chink in his programming.

EDIT: I guess what I’m trying to say is, maybe it’s just as much "He knew me" as it was "I knew him."

If you love your dad, go ahead and reblog this just because it's nice to let folks know your old pops is loved.

I just saw one of those threatening reblog-or-else posts targeted at beloved fathers, and this is me counteracting it.

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Dear ex bestfriend,

Send me one “Dear—-” and I’ll write a letter to this person

Dear ex bestfriend, 

Do you know how it feels like having active snail dynamite tucked into your body? Mark my words, you’ll know it if you just as much breath the same air as my sisters. Funny thing about snail dynamite is it will crack up your body as all its explosions slowly will one by one activate, sometimes it can go hours between the explosions. I’m a patient man, I’ll stand there and watch the whole process.

I have my eyes on you.

- C

Celebrity Threat Letter

This morning I received a letter from the post office, marked “Return to Sender.”  While the address was vaguely my own - what the post office thought to be a 7, I suspect was actually a 4, along with other, more alphabetical mysteries - I remain unconvinced that I actually sent this letter, or any letter, to anyone in the last five years.  Still, the letter arrived at my house, and being curious, I opened it.  

What I found both thrilled and astonished me, and I have included it for your perusal.


Dear Tom Hanks,

I have studied your film work, and I am not impressed.   Undoubtably, you receive many letters praising your range, expression, and relatability.  I am unmoved. This is not a fan letter, but a summons. I challenge you to a race to the moon.

One year from the postmark on this envelope, I will be launching an independent space campaign, in a rocket of my own design, where I will break  through the stratosphere, travel through the cold vastness of space, and plant my flag on the dusty, lifeless sphere that orbits the planet Earth.

Given your history with moon landings, I suggest you begin your preparations immediately.  In the interest of fairness, I will warn you, I have been training for this for half of my life. I am 22.

My training has been extensive and thorough, including:

-subsisting on only dehydrated ice cream for upwards of three months
- trampolining three hours a day, every day, to prepare my muscles for the “bounciness” of a zero gravity environment
-peeing through a tube into a vacuum cleaner

Included is a diagram of my plans to show you that I am serious.

See you in space, “Jim”

A.C. Beckett

आईएम की धमकी: बच सकते हो तो बच लो

आईएम की धमकी: बच सकते हो तो बच लो

मुंबई। इंडियन मुजाहिदीन ने मुंबई पुलिस को धमकी भरी चिट्ठी लिखी है। इसमें आतंकी संगठन ने लिखा है कि 1993 में तो बच गए थे लेकिन इस बार नहीं बच पाओगे।

आईएम ने मुंबई पुलिस से कहा है ‘बच सकते हो तो बच लो’। इसके बाद मुंबई पुलिस एलर्ट हो गई है। पुलिस इस हमले को हल्के में नहीं ले रही है क्योंकि इंडियन मुजाहिदीन ने पहले भी इस तरह की धमकियां दी है उसके बाद आतंकी हमले को अंजाम दिया है।

सूत्रों के अनुसार…

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The effect of having (re)watched Conan the Destroyer

Partner: I need you to write a threatening letter to a former employee. He’s done some bad things.

Me: Muahahahaha! I shall strike fear in said employee! No problemo.

आईएम की धमकी: बच सकते हो तो बच लो

मुंबई। इंडियन मुजाहिदीन ने मुंबई पुलिस को धमकी भरी चिट्ठी लिखी है। इसमें आतंकी संगठन ने लिखा है कि 1993 में तो बच गए थे लेकिन इस बार नहीं बच पाओगे।
आईएम ने मुंबई पुलिस से कहा है ‘बच सकते हो तो बच लो’। इसके बाद मुंबई पुलिस एलर्ट हो गई है। पुलिस इस हमले को हल्के में नहीं ले रही है क्यों…

wolvhen hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “First I was shocked that barely anyone here on Tumblr posts about the…”

Nvm, I saw. What the hell? What the actual hell? Ffs.

Ohhh yes.

I mean… not even the German broadcasting services have all the information yet. The investigation is still in progress. Right now, the only thing we know for sure is that 150 people from both Spain and Germany died - there was a class of young pupils from a city not that far from where I live, and another woman who gave her debut at the theatre in my city, together with her family, and so many more that have relatives and friends who naturally are devastated by the loss. But all Tumblr sees is “the copilot who apparently is to blame for the deaths was said to be depressed, clearly that is only because of his white privilege.” And that makes me so angry.

When 47 Republican senators signed a letter to the leaders of Iran noting that any deal struck between them and President Barack Obama would not have the force of law if it were not submitted to the S

I like how Homer’s death threat letter to Bart in that one sideshow bob episode says “I KILL YOU SCUM”

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So, you mention after returning the to the gay world, people are starting drama with you. It doesn't feel nice does it? You've done the same to others, have you not? You shouldn't spread rumors if they aren't true unless you have concrete proof. Maybe it's karma coming back to you.


For 22 years of my life, I’ve lived with Straight guys. They don’t cause drama with each other because their friend is dating a hoe, or that their outfit is more sluttier than theirs or that they’re matching the same outfit.

I came into the Gay World officially in November 2012, and for simply taking a photo with someone, for simply standing next to someone at a club or talking to someone in public, the Gay Tabloids were all over the place on it and their was a made-up story behind it.

So in the Grown Up World, Presidents of one of the largest Organization got a death threat letter when someone mailed her a single used bullet. An Author’s car got smashed and his documents stolen. A Politician candidate’s house was bombed before the day of the election.

I was busy reporting on those “Drama” on local newspaper and magazines. So, why would I want to start drama with people when Gay World is all about a High School Popularity Contest? Why would I petty myself to belittle someone for wearing heels or join a Gay Internet Stoning at someone for being a “slut”?

Like holy fuck. I just got done reading an Article about North Koreans capturing 2 South Koreans spies tonight. The hell would I want to know who the Kardashian is dating or who broke-up with who?

I know people who start drama with me on non-existent issues. I know people who drag me into their drama. I know people who make up drama to watch other people fight each other.

As Paris Hilton says about alleged rumors about her, “I just laugh them off”.

But you know what? Look at yourself. Already accusing me “drama” of this from whatever or whoever said this or that. This is exactly what I mean about people bringing me drama. You are the Problem. You are the Perpetrator of Gay Drama.

Only Celebrities gets Tabloids and Paparazzi coverage from their biggest fans. Don’t be a Perez Hilton because you’re not as fabulous like all the other celebrities.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” - Elanor Roosevelt

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Jonah, I might have missed something, but I don't think you've gotten hate for this post, just people disagreeing. Disagreement does not equal hate. I think all of us who have disagreed so far would agree that Suzy doesn't deserve death threats, nasty letters, or the like. What we are objecting to is your asseration that you can't dislike her and sitll be a fan (which you say straight up in your post). She doesn't deserve hate, but we shouldn't have to like her just because she's a girl.

you’ve missed a bit, as i deleted the ones that were over hateful. but i already explained myself, and don’t feel like doing it again.