『❝❞』       Hans approached the stranger slowly. “Who
                                                       are you, and what brings you to my

groutesque : an au

He’d been gone from school for nearly three months, now, but Landon Walker was back. He was only seventeen, but he certainly scared the hell out of pretty much everyone. He didn’t even need a reason to be your worst nightmare. For most people, he already was. His teachers seemed to hold the same fear in their eyes as his peers when Landon came to school for the first time since February. He took his seat in homeroom, quietly, not giving very many people a glance. No one looked at him. Not straight in the eyes, at least. Rumors were spreading like fire and he was starting to like the burning sensation that came with it. 

The Fragile Creature {Closed with Askfuseandro)


It was the rarest creature they’ve seen and they’ve captured. Never have they ever seen anything like it; big emerald eyes with smooth soft blond hair and a petite body that kinda had a form of a girl. They wanted to know if there were any more of this type of thing yet it didn’t give any information about its species. It was frightened when it was captured by the men, trembling in fear. Not wanting to say a single word or making a sound to them. The men refused to release the creature and decided to keep it locked up and wait til it responded. It was all alone in the cage that night, cold and scared.

He’s not sure how it got to this, really— then again, it isn’t entirely inconceivable, and the moment he saw how upset his best friend actually was, he said ‘fuck it’ to his normal inhibitions and slumped into the chair next to him, accepting the bottle passed to him. He’s always had good senses with these kinds of things, and he knows a man who needs a drink when he sees one.

Namjoon intended to stop after a certain point, but they both ended up talking about a lot of things that were frustrating them— Yoongi, about Jimin. Namjoon, about the stress of being leader and how much shit they were in with the manager hyungs, and how much of a relief it is to finally be out with Jin. Before they knew it, the first bottle was drained and they were slumped against each other, Namjoon’s breaths a little raspy from his fever.

They were supposed to be in here to practice, but that just didn’t happen.

He makes an idle glance at the bottle in his hand, mostly empty, before holding it up to the fellow rapper, a question in his expression. “Y’wanna finish it, or should I?”

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"Royal balls are such a bore, aren’t they?" - it was the masters first ball after being names heir to the throne of the kingdom of Galifrey, when he spotted someone interesting to talk too.

Prince iwantthedrumstobegone

                        『❝❤️❞』        Here on Gallifrey, everything was grand. Golds and pinks and reds and silvers — A perfect place for an Angel like Haniel to go and stretch his wings without being among his brothers. And here, the wings were no oddity. Many creatures walked about, honored guests and dignitaries, with all sorts of strange bodies and attachments. The Archangel wore his best, his robes white, red, and gold, gold decorations on his wings, a gold-leafed circlet around his head.

                                Hearing the other speak, he turned to see the guest of honor addressing him. Sipping wine from his golden goblet, Haniel responded. “Ah think they can be, dependin’ on where and when they take place,” he offered, taking another drink.