hey guys, so I join in a BH6 Tshirt contest in Threadless. and this is the first time I joined in a big scale contest because the participants are crazy!

so, if you wouldnt mind and if you have time, would you please vote to my design?

the deadline is on 17th so thank you so much before for the attention and for your time
wish me luck guys!

Challenge 50: Lowbrow Threadless: Werk!

Really LOVED this challenge!! I was able to just let myself relax and just draw whatever came to mind (which is something I definitely needed atm). ♡

Elizabeth B.

P.S. The designs now up for voting on Threadless, so if you have a moment (and like my design) stop on by and show it some love ♡


I have a new design up for voting on Threadless, along with an old favorite.

They’ve launched a new feature called “funding” where you can pre-order a shirt while it’s still being voted on. 50 pre-orders ensures a print. Pretty cool!

If you decide to fund it, you can put in these promo codes to save $5, and I get a larger royalty cut, too. The codes are captioned in each photo, but if you can’t see it, here they are:

Dem Bonez: ZSWWWD
Rebirth: QY5VNN

If funding is too big of plunge, voting and comments and passing the word around is just as helpful. 

(I wanna learn about how to get hat designs made. I made that bone pattern while looking for hats. Anyone know about that stuff?)