A beautiful piece with a passionate message behind it, “Find What You Love” by MidnightCoffee is currently one of the highest scoring design submissions on Threadless!

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Stay in School!

Inspired by all the graphics from the 90’s, the high saturated and contrast color, the geometric shapes and also the goodwill message.

Has been chosen! and now it’s part of the Power Ranger T-Shirt Line in Threadless.

You can grab one shirt, iphone case and wall art

Tip: Why the green ranger? if you want to be a cool student you wanna be as cool as the Green Power Ranger.

“Muted Affection”

Threadless has teamed up with Peanuts and asked the artist community to put our own spin on the creations of Charles M. Schulz.

I come from a musical family and I know a muted trombone when I hear it, so I just assumed Charlie Brown’s parents were jazz musicians who were too busy practicing to pay attention to him.

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Hailing all the way from Vilnius, Lithuania, Indre Bankauskaite is a freelance artist who illustrates under the pseudonym Freeminds. Her work – which, depending on her various styles, can be as whimsical as it is edgy – is often influenced by nature and the world around her. 

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Brimming with creative vibes and opportunities, San Antonio is an artistic staple in its own right. If you’re looking to expand your artistic experiences via travel, be sure to add San Antonio to your list; it’s truly a worthwhile place to submerge yourself in a one-of-a-kind creative culture.

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In honor of the new Peanuts Threadless t-shirt design challenge, Paige Braddock, the Executive Vice President and Creative Director of Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates (a.k.a. The Peanuts Studio), talks about the Peanuts comic, its creator Charles M. Schulz, and the difficulty of drawing Charlie Brown’s head.

Click here for more information: http://bit.ly/18grcTV