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Inspired by all the graphics from the 90’s, the high saturated and contrast color, the geometric shapes and also the goodwill message.

Has been chosen! and now it’s part of the Power Ranger T-Shirt Line in Threadless.

You can grab one shirt, iphone case and wall art

Tip: Why the green ranger? if you want to be a cool student you wanna be as cool as the Green Power Ranger.

How difficult do you think it’d be to comb your hair with one of these guys? IF you’re thinking it’s be impossible, that’s probably because “COMBO” by anivini is currently one of the highest scoring submissions in our Useless design challenge!

Artists, get those submissions in because the challenge ends today!


“Emojis have become part of a universal language. We all use emojis to communicate emotions and feelings in ways that anyone can understand. The challenge was to redesign the current emojis, maintaining their meaning and soul, but changing their appearance to give them a contemporary style. Fresh, flat, and simple: these were the three keywords we kept in mind during our work.”

Discover how Vittorio Perotti and Giulia Zoavo took matters into their own hands to redesigned your favorite emojis!


In honor of the new Peanuts Threadless t-shirt design challenge, Paige Braddock, the Executive Vice President and Creative Director of Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates (a.k.a. The Peanuts Studio), talks about the Peanuts comic, its creator Charles M. Schulz, and the difficulty of drawing Charlie Brown’s head.

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