Let the exaggerated stories begin! Dragon’s Den in New Orleans had a wire come down and I just heard someone say “all the power went out!” The way people tell stories to aggrandize their plights is pathetically amusing. It’s a wrap! 2013 Thrasher Skate Rock is in the books. #skaterock #skateboarding #thrasherskaterock #thereisalwaystimetodie @antihero_wakebladez going out in disguise. (at Dragon’s Den)

Here you Alex @pillsforthepale - starting from the top. This was a lot harder than I thought. I initially went they an had about 90 pulled. Had to widdel q
Beastie Boys ~ Licensed To Ill
Run DMC ~ Raisin’ Hell
A Tribe Called Quset ~ The Low End Theory
Wu-Tang Clan ~ Enter The Wu-Tang Clan (36 Chambers)
The Smiths ~ The Queen Is Dead
Morrissey ~ Viva Hate
The Stone Roses ~ The Stone Roses
The Sundays ~ Reading, Writing and Arithmetic
Metallica ~ Kill ‘EM All
Agent Orange ~This Is The Voice
Nirvana ~ Nevermind
The La’s ~ The La’s
Sly and the Family Stone ~Greatest Hits (thanks dad)
Thrasher Skate Rock Volume One ~ V/A
Lee “Scratch” Perry ~ Arkology
Max Romeo ~ War Ina Babylon

•Sly and the Family Stone is what I was raised on along other R&B and soul music
Thrasher Skate Rock & Agent Orange were all that I listened to back in the mid 80s.
The Smiths and Mortissey - nuff said. Favorite of all time.
Lee Perry - 3 CD Box Set yet to be released on vinyl - if you ever see a copy - do yourself a favor and buy it. You won’t regret it
Beastie Boys and Run DMC were the first records I bought with my own money. Got dropped off at the mall. Got picked up with those two albums and a Bob Marley 45 of I Shot The Sheriff - best $15 I ever.
Everything else is just a classic in their genre. Ahead of everyone else.

I had so many more to post but stuck to the “16” rule. But I did throw in one CD box set and a cassette tape.

Love them or hate them - they made me who I am today.
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