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Remember when there was another band called One Direction that sued One Direction for being called One Direction and wanted One Direction to change there name but One Direction was like nahhh dude we are keeping this name so One Direction had to change their name. That was just the beginning of One Direction’s power. 

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I’m gonna keep this short, like Clem’s hair. 

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This is in no way meant to be offensive so I hope your not offended because I love QAF and your blog, now for the question… Do you or have you ever thought of Brian and Justin's relationship as pedophilic? I know they are soul mates and they're obviously meant for each other but have you ever stopped and thought about how there is a pretty big age ga between them? (I'm not calling Brian a pedophile at all, I love him so much so this is in no way meant to bash him.)

Honestly… no. For one, pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult is primarily or exclusively sexually attracted to prepubescent children. Brian has only shown sexual attraction to grown men, and Justin is definitely not prepubescent when we meet him, so that term just doesn’t apply. Now, legally the age difference is a bit shady in the beginning, but states handle age of consent differently. In Pennsylvania, the age of consent is 16, so Justin can technically fuck whoever he wants to at age 17. However, Brian could have gotten in some trouble for corruption of a minor, which Pennsylvania defines as being anybody under the age of 18, so providing Justin with drugs and alcohol and hooking up with him at Babylon definitely wouldn’t win him any favors in a court of law. Still, legally, everything is totally in the clear in all fifty states by 1 x 15.

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Girls, please remember this:

*When your boyfriend (or girlfriend) treats you like shit, do not be afraid to tell them straight up how you’re feeling. (Things won’t change if you don’t first try to change them)

*Do not be afraid to do your business in the school bathrooms. Girls need to realize that taking a shit and changing a pad is NORMAL. And if you dare make fun of someone for any of it (shitting, throwing up, changing a pad, etc)  seriously you need help.


*If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, etc., do not be afraid to open up to someone about it. Please, talk to someone, anyone about it. There are so many people who care about you and so many people (even strangers) who will let you vent, rant, cry, talk, or sit silently until you feel better. Do not hold your feelings inside no matter how you feel. YOU ARE IMPORTANT AND IT’S OKAY TO FEEL THIS WAY. SOMEONE IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU.

*If talking in-front of a class scares you, and picturing everyone in their underwear doesn’t help you, tape a sign in the back of the classroom that you can read off of and stare only at that sign.

*Always smile at everyone, someone somewhere is going through the same things and they need the comfort/reassurance as well. A smile can go a long ways.

*Every night before you go to sleep, look into a mirror and tell yourself three good things you love about yourself. Do this every single day and I promise you that you will improve your self-confidence/esteem step by step. And if you have trouble believing it, stare a little longer, get a little closer to the mirror. 

*Do not forget that you are beautiful, you are talented, you are loved, you are cherished, and no matter what anyone says you are so amazing in your own way. You do not have to be afraid to be yourself, you are you and you are the only you there is. Do not give in to the pressures of society.

*So many of us go through each and every day and we are never told the important things, the little things. We forget that every one of us goes through a different battle, we all have our own little wars we are facing. We sometimes forget that we are all the same, but we are all different at the same time. So tell your family and friends that you love them, give them hugs daily, make sure they know how cherished and loved they are, tell your mom or dad or guardian how much you appreciate them, because you never know what can happen in this world. The ones you love can be taken from you in an instant, so please, don’t forget how precious life is and how short it can be. 

*Smile tonight, and smile tomorrow, whatever you do, wherever you go, remember that true happiness can only be achieved by what you feel, say, and do each day. 


Okay so readbythestarlight i saw these at work today (on clearance at Target!) And first I thought of you and then I saw the steve face and almost died because STEVE BB WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOUR FACE and then thought “Oh, Emi definitely needs to see this.”

THOUGHTS: Wayward “Chapter Six” - Disrupting the Norm

"Chapter Six" Story by Jim Zub, Line Art Steve Cummings, Colors Tamra Bonvillain, Letters Marshall Dillon, Back Matter Zack Davisson

So, tell me if you’ve heard this before. There is a girl, Ohara Emi. She is kind of ordinary. A bit shy, more interested in being a good daughter for her family than doing the things that she really loves. She has her routine and sticks to it. She gets up. She walks to the train. She goes to school. Goes home, dose her home work. Sleeps and repeat. If Wayword had suddenly become a rom com, here’s where the meet cute would happen and that routine would be thrown into all types of disarray. Since writer Jim Zub hasn’t jumped genre, it is those demon fox, Kitsune (see back of issue 3) that come and rupture Ohara Emi’s routine and normalcy.

Since I have a hard time waiting for things and the price came out to be about the same, I bought Wayword #1-5 instead of waiting for the trade. I then proceeded to read it all in one go. It’s a fast read, and I do not mean that as a negative. It read fast because the plotting is powered by constant a disruption/discovery mostly centered on teenagers awakening some mystical powers. This inevitably leads to more questions and discovery, like a perpetual motion machine. In the case of Ohara, it appears she can melt stuff that comes in contact with her. Of course this awakening is all part of a larger conspiracy the cast finds themselves apart of. Only, they and by extension the reader don’t really have even the vaguest outline of a shadow what it all means. This is perfectly fine, and refreshing.

As it stands, this is an age of franchised transmedia intellectual property, where everything is all connected in one big story universe. The concept isn’t new but it has been leverged in the last decade to a far higher commercial return than previously seen. A byproduct of this increased commercialization is  an over fetishization of the ‘mythology’ related to these IPs. Basically, corporations have tapped into the key aspect of the canonical nerd, the need to know how everything works and figure out the mystery. This is opposed to the other pole on the nerd spectrum, the transformative nerd: taking the object and reshaping it to fit their interest. Look back at the fandom surrounding LOST and how the story about the series was trying to figure it all out. Not, the effects the events had on series characters. Personally, trying to figure it out isn’t really my thing. The mythology that exists in these objects is largely just macguffery. I only care about it in so much as how it informs the characters and helps to tell the emotional story.

Now Wayward is a series built on Japanese folklore (seriously read the essays in the back) but, this is all just a touchstone for the object being created. Jim Zub and Steve Cummings cast of characters exist in a larger world where the Yokai mythology is being leveraged to tell what will likely be a coming of age story centered on a conspiracy of some sort. You don’t murder moms and have sinister looking adults for no reason. Now, what that conspiracy is and how it all relates to Rori Lane’s string vision is unknown, and as previously stated that is fantastic. Zub is insistent on an extreme interiority to his characters. It sets the point of view of the book squarely within their realm and sphere of knowledge. Even as we notice things, Ohara doesn’t; such as her melting just about anything she touches. We are left with as much understanding as they are. The mythological explanations are limited to what the characters know. Even when we do leave the characters, Zub doesn’t elucidate much except to setup more ominous adults.

This limited POV helps to give Wayward its momentum. This is a book made up of bunch not stupid but unknowledgeable characters because they have been thrown into the deep end of the pool. They have a base understanding of what their powers do and even that’s just scratching the surface. What exactly are the rules of Nikaido’s powers? Doubt he knows. I sure don’t. Struggling to swim, the characters act and decision make on an emotional/base moral level (they see aggression from obviously bad looking Yokai and step in). This leads to a shoot first ask questions latter kind of dynamic.

Thankfully the shooting as represented by the art team: Steve Cummings (line), Tamra Bonvillain(colors), is often gorgeous to intake. Page 21, where Ayane takes out the Kitsune is filled with such dark humor mixed with glee. Ayane isn’t as sadistic as Sergeant Donny “The Bear Jew” Donowitz(Eli Roth) from Inglorious Bastards but that is certainly the comparison made.  Of the 11 panels, 10 are taken up by the bludgeoning of a hypnotized demon fox and filled with such emotion and movement. Only one, the center shot of Ayane with a dark grin on her face is drawn by Cummings not blurred mid-motion. The other 9 panels are show at the midpoint between action and consequence, bodies and bats fly but have yet to be brought to rest. Page 21 reads really fast because of this midpoint imagery. I’d hazard to say it’s like cutting on motion in film, where the momentum in the frame (which has drawn our eye) carries through to the next cut making it harder to perceive.

With how issue 5 ended, I was curious to see if we would begin to have answers to questions. But issue 6 reminds me; such answers right now would break the story with how it is being told. And I don’t really want them. I want the characters to have the answers.