12 Tips I wish I had been told for running:
  • One :Do your feet a favor and wear good running shoes that fit. The little extra money spent is an investment in avoiding breaking down and absent medical bills.
  • Two :Warming up+stretching+cooling down=less pain, DO IT.
  • Three:Drink lots of water before and after you exercise, your body needs it and it will make running a more enjoyable experience.
  • Four:On the other hand do not chug water right before, during or directly after a running workout. You're just asking for stomach pain.
  • Five:While its good to push yourself, pushing yourself to the point of pain is never good. It just means that you can't run the days that follow and defeats the purpose of trying to build stamina.
  • Six:Which brings me to the next point -> Pain is never good. If you feel pain, stop.
  • Seven:If you have to, start out slow. If you can only jog a 1/4 of a mile without hurting yourself. Then only jog 1/4 of a mile.
  • Eight:Find a running buddy it keeps you motivated, on a schedule and acts as a distraction.
  • Nine:A consistent schedule is the fastest way to get into running shape. (see number 5)
  • Ten:Your body does need a time to recuperate. Don't be afraid to take a day or two off.
  • Eleven:Slow and longer is better than fast and short if you are out of shape. The faster you go without your body being prepped is asking for injuries. Its also discouraging when you try to run fast and only make it for 1/4 of a mile when you could have run slow and made it a full mile.
  • Twelve:Avoid treadmills as much as possible. They are bad for your joints and for most people it makes running a horrible experience with a clock and distance counter sitting under your nose.

I don’t think I can even begin to explain how hard it is to memorize sheep breeds by sight.

"Look that one is white with a black nose, look that one is white with a black nose, that one is also white with a black nose, that one is white with a pink nose, here is another white with a black nose, thank the lord jesus christ this one has a black head and neck I got that one, oh for fuck sake there is another white with a black nose. "

So my mother developed a whole bunch of old film from disposable cameras. There are pictures of a Yosemite trip from 7ish years ago, pictures of my first horse, and pictures from an Idaho vacation from 8ish years ago. They are awesome and I’m going to try and get them and may post a few…

Back from a backpacking adventure in the eastern sierras with shawnpsloan! I will try and get some pictures up later, but I just can’t explain how beautiful it was up there.  Just know that its awesome, and was fully worth the rather unremarkable 6 hour drive to get them and the same drive back. 


I walked into my final today to have a kid dressed FULLY as Santa yell ‘Merry Christmas’ at me. Then when the professor came in he walked up to the student and sat in his lap. The kid asked, “What would you like for christmas?” And our professor answered with a straight face, “All the finals to be graded quickly as possible.”

There are so many places I need to go. The more I travel, the more people I meet, the more full I become. There is so much beauty I have yet seen and knowledge I have yet to learn. My teachers can only be new people I have yet to meet and mother nature herself. That is the one way to satisfy my seemingly unquenchable desire for life beyond what I have here. 

Picked up some supplies from REI today, cancelled my membership at Hangar 18, did some studying and took a nap. I’m getting there.

Slowly starting to become more and more prepared for this trip. I’m going to have my hammock ready, food and gear.  Finalizing on these dates and times. I’m getting more nervous and more excited as every hour passes. A week until I leave. Oh boy. 

All I want in life is my breath to be taken away. I want moments, chances and adventures to leave me gasping for breath. I want to be surrounded by tall trees, vast mountains and intellectual people. I want my lungs to freeze with adrenaline, fear and love.

I hope I never am just content or complacent. I hope I never settle or make a choice just because it is easier. I want to leave this world breathless as I came into it.

Its going to happen:

John Muir Trail, late summer 2015 after I graduate. 

Roughly 220 miles through the eastern sierras.

There are so many things in my life that I have told myself that I want to do. Well I’m done with just saying I want to do something. No excuses, I have a year to prepare, to get the knowledge and build up my personal strength. 

I’m going to hike the John Muir Trail in 2015.

Hi, my name is Caiti. I like to read a whole bunch of stuff on places I really want to go and it makes me sad because work and school are currently prohibiting me going to said places. Right now I am reading a huge blog of a female hiker who typed up their journal and did reviews of the JMT. I want to go, I want to go now, not in a year, now. Someone put a pause on my life and let me go be in nature, please?

I was feeling stressed today for no apparent reason so I finally hung up my Ansel Adam posters, I am now surrounded by mountains, rivers and waterfalls. I feel so much better. I need more photos in general, I may print out a few I have taken of my favorite spots I have been to look at too. 

Hikers / Campers I want to follow you...

By the way I am always looking for new people to follow. Especially for more hiking / camping blogs. If you hike/camp in Southern California I can almost guarantee I will follow you. Looking for more people to be able to talk to and overall interact with concerning the surrounding area. I need more adventures, more hikes and I need some more people that are willing to give me places to go and hike to. Trade knowledge and what not.

Also if anyone that follows me already but I haven’t followed you for some stupid reason and you are local (or even not local) and hike camp and blog about it. I WANT TO FOLLOW YOU. 

I’m feeling knowledge hungry and will kill for people to feed me that knowledge.  Like this, send me an ask, pm, anything?

 I’m friendly, and willing to help other people that are just getting started in the area too. So You don’t even have to know anything. I love talking with people here and helping others out. Just hit up my ask box or PM me anytime. 

There needs to be more time, in general. Lets see the list of things I want to be doing on a constant basis is more than there is time for.

  • Start rock climbing again on a regular basis
  • Start working out on a regular basis again
  • Start taking horseback riding lessons again and get myself into the saddle
  • Draw more
  • Read more
  • Write more
  • Travel more
  • Go to places/restraunts/stores I have never been to
  • Go to more concerts
  • Be more social, make new friends
  • Spend more time making awesome skate videos with my brother
  • Hang out more with my sisters
  • Spend more time preparing and eating better food
  • Continue to backpack/hike every weekend.
  • Continue to sleep the needed 7-8 hours.
  • Continue to work as many hours as possible

UGHHHHHHHHHH The day needs to be about 30 hours long, so that way I can stay up 3-4 more hours and sleep the other 2-3 extra.

There are numerous times I feel like I want to express myself, but sadly putting my thoughts and emotions into words is a skill I lack. I am not gifted with words. More often than not I stumble over sentences. More often than not I jumble up words and phrases. I switch words around and mispronounce them beyond recognition. It makes me sad sometimes because I feel like I want to share what I feel at a moment, my passions in life, and fears I can’t get over. I just lack the ability to do so. It actually hurts.

AKA : I feel like I have a lot to say tonight, but no way to begin to put it to words. Its going to eat me up and there is nothing I can do about it. 

Story time:

So when I got to the bridge to nowhere I saw this family that was just heading out. They said that they were worried about getting back before it got dark, which I thought was a little odd. It was only 4:50 and the sun didn’t set until 7:50. If you walk slow it normally takes about 2.5 hours and it wouldn’t be completely dark until 8:10-8:20. I didn’t think much of it, spent another 20 minutes at the bridge and started hiking back.

I caught up to them at the first creek crossing, they had missed the log crossing and were attempting to wade across a less friendly portion of the creek. They noticed I was on the correct side and was dry. I told them that the creek often had log crossing so you never had to get wet. They seemed rather confused and somewhat lost as to which trail was the correct one (there are several trails that criss cross along the canyon). When they said “Oh good we will follow you, you look like you know where you are going.” I decided that I would slow my pace and help them. I soon found out that the normal 2-2.5 hour hike had been around 4 hours for them as they couldn’t find the trail and pretty much hiked up the creek itself and going through the brush to get to the bridge.

Their amazement over the fact that there was a clear trail that didn’t require stepping through brush or getting wet was amazing was telling enough. They had a rough hike to the bridge. Several of them had fallen in the water and overall were trekkers. I ended up leading them back to the parking lot, talking about this and that. I have never been thanked so many times in my life. Also have never been told that someone would be very upset if I do not become a trail guide at some point in my life. This was only emphasized on their shock at me having to throw out my hands and stop everyone from stepping on a sunbathing rattlesnake. I directed them around and was on our merry way. (So much better than people who kill all the rattlers they see, the little guy didn’t even curl up or rattle at us).

So as a side note, always have a map and compass with you, and don’t be afraid to ask other hikers for help. Or on the other hand if you see others struggling, lend a helping hand and make some new friends.