thought the quote was appropriate for the picture

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I have a question I saw an Elie Wiesel quote on a fandom gif set and got really irritated with it. It was X-Men Days of Future Past where the mutants are getting wiped out so I get the link but it just seemed like it trivialized what actually happened. Thoughts?

I’ve read the story, but I’m not sure which gif set you’re talking about. The storyline definitely draws a few parallels with the Holocaust. The fact that the most prominent Jewish Mutants, Magneto and Kitty Pryde, were major characters in the comic version of the story was pivotally important. (I’m still pissed that they reduced Kitty’s role in the movie when it was HER STORY in the comics), but I’d have to see the picture to determine the appropriateness of the quote. My inclination would be to believe that it’s kind of bullshit, but it’s hard to make that judgment sight unseen.

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1-13 :D

1. the meaning behind my url: It’s from a quote from Hamlet. “There is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow.” And it basically talks about how we have no control over when our death will come, but that we know it will come some day. I thought it was rather appropriate for a vampire blog. 
2. a picture of me

3. favorite band: Oh goodness… Too many to count. Um I’m kind of on a Greenday kick rn 
4. top 5 fandoms: The Mentalist, Sherlock, Marvel, The Blacklist, Parks and Rec
5. tattoos i want: I want a feather on my right wrist and the word ‘halcyon’ somewhere 
6. ideas of a perfect date: yeah idek. preferably one where the guy interested in me isn’t fifteen years older than I am (This has happened twice now -.-)  
7. life goal(s): Publish first series of novels, work in the film industry, to be happy 
8. piercings i want: tragus and possibly belly button
9. favorite movie: Zero Dark Thirty
10. a fact about my life: I am a film major 
11. phobia: heights
12. middle name: lucifer
13. anything you want to ask: …. 

Favorite Characters 28/∞: Cinna (The Hunger Games)

I always channel my emotions into my work. That way, I don’t hurt anyone but myself.