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Request: So long as it isn’t any bother…hmm…maybe intersex!Jack has a baby but there’s some difficulty with the birth and the baby nearly dies? Jack is sobbing in Hiccup’s arms, convinced their baby is dead until he hears their child crying for the first time? It’s fine if you don’t to, you’re so kind for offering x


Pain –

Not even that word can comprehend the emotions that wrack my soul as my essence slowly leaves my body through the tears that trickle past my cheeks.

I thought I knew true sorrow when my father’s throat was cut before me, those beady, dark green eyes staring into my very soul while mocking laughter scarred my ears.

But I was wrong.

I thought I knew how it felt to have the ground ripped out from underneath me, forcing me to fall into the darkest pit of despair.

But I was wrong.

This… this is far, far worse.

I’m falling past the old pit of despair, and descending into the deepest and darkest places of hell itself.

No sound carries all the way down here, not even my boyfriend’s voice that’s always filled me with light.

I can hear him trying to speak to me, but his words just… don’t make it down here.

I know I won’t make it…

My body gets pulled closer against Hiccup’s, I can tell by the pressure yet I’m becoming completely numb.

They said she’d make it.

They said our unborn baby would live through the birth process even though it’s normally highly improbable.

Why did they lie to us…? Why would they lie to a couple who could only find solace in themselves and what their love could produce?

I’m breaking -

I can feel my flesh burning and peeling off my skin as if it were nothing but salt dissolving in water.

This is it.

Our last chance at redemption – gone.

Are we not supposed to be happy in this life…? Am I and Hiccup doomed to die of heart-break in this life so we may live a happier life in the future?

We fit together like adjoining puzzle pieces – same height… same everything.

Well, almost everything.

Maybe if I just… let go, I won’t have to feel this sadness anymore–

and that breeze…? Why is there a breeze all the way down here? It feels warm and comforting…

It’s even chasing the burning sensation away.

Wait… is that… crying? I thought nothing could penetrate the thick fog of hell. Yet, this soft, high pitched crying only got… louder.

And louder and louder–

I snap my eyes open, being blinded by light. I then scan the area, desperately searching for the source of the cry – as does Hiccup.

After a few seconds, one of the nurses chocks. “She’s alive!” And all I remember doing is turning to Hiccup, seeing his small freckled face filled with such tremendous joy that we locked lips.

Even in the darkest part of my soul, there is still hope in the form of a breeze.

And that’s what we decided to call her.



Sitting at the makeshift table in their new house, Paijwen rested with her chin atop the surface, her shoulders slumped. She was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, bored. So very bored. Sniffing once, she closed her eyes, willing herself to drift off or – at the very least – think about something other than waiting for something to happen.

The sound of soft shuffling had her eyes open, the reptilian face staring back at her with his head tilted to the side and those big, beady eyes damn near peering into her soul. Creepy. “What do you want?” Turtle. That was their safe word, because this thing meant as much to Jayden as her wolves meant to her.

When the creature didn’t look away, Paij shifted awkwardly. Was she being sized up by this thing? Stared down? Making faces at him, she finally relented and pushed herself to her feet, going to the cooler to remove some of the fresh produce Jayden had picked up the day prior. “Here. Just stop staring at me.

Setting a tomato down on the surface, she stuck her tongue out at the beast as he shuffled towards the fruit, moving to eat.

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the face of evil is a red panda trying to imitate a grizzly bear but only succedding in looking like a snuggle toy?

You do not know the power of the red panda! Those adorable beady eyes and fluffy paws distract from it’s spine crushing strength and life ending rage!

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✒ (Any muse you'd like! o vo ) -bm13roleplays

// Trundle.

Neither his posture nor his tone have the ring of royalty, but you know for certain that he is in charge. The horde of mottled and scarred Trolls looking to him for approval of their every move makes that very clear. Those who step towards you too hungrily get smacked down. The King of Trolls likes to play with his food.

It is instantly clear that you’re on thin ice, his nice. His merest whim could have you roasting alive or slaving away, digging graves for the remains of his last meal. Those beady eyes have the glimmer of malicious curiosity, and the thickly muscled arms and brutal cudgels if the Trolls make the challenge clear. Only your wits will save you now, and even there the playing field is full of pitfalls. You dig for your most flattering and sincere complements, and watch as he puffs up while his soldiers nod in agreement. You sing your own praises, interviewing for a job you never wanted, but one that sounds so much better than “meat recruit”. His questions jab you, and your tongue is forced to dance his tune. This goes on for minutes that feel like ages.

Exhausted he laughs at your pitifulness. Perhaps you are worth more than your weight in protein.

Honestly, I can see Ginny absolutely loathing spiders? Like, something about them just grosses her out to the max and just. If she’s around someone, she’ll have them kill it unless they’re squeamish (or she’s alone) and then she’ll just squash them with her palm and be 100% disgusted. Maybe it’s the multiple legs; hairy, gross legs and those beady black eyes – yeah, she definitely hates spiders. Not arachnophobia, but just pure and utter hate.

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  1. Name the celebrity you want to bang the most?  Probably Keira, but now she’s married.
  2. Make breakfast or sleep in? make breakfast! 
  3. The entire state of Wyoming, Wasps or People who wear socks with Sandals - pick one that will be removed from the face of the Earth?  Wasps contribute nothing to the cycle of life that I know of, and one day some mad scientist will accidentally make them be 1000x their size.  Let’s prevent that, shall we?
  4. You are shipwrecked on a deserted island with only 4 days worth of food; name 4 people who you would like to be murdered while you starve to death on that island?  wow…. how about Joe Arpaio, any one of the current republican Presidential candidates, one member of One Direction (just to see what the teenage girl population does) and The Colonel.  Oh, I hate the Colonel, with those wee beady eyes…
  5. You have to fuck 5 religious deities who are they and why?  How about any christian “male” icon?  I’m not gay, but it would be pretty amazing to see all those close-minded christian homophobes heads explode when their Savior does it with a dude.  I’m gonna get in so much trouble for that one :/
  6. Name 6 people you would want to take on a road trip  Wow, that really is a lot of people.  What kind of car are we rolling, minivan?  suburban?  How about, my sister and patrick, Katie, Greta (dog) and Ryan and Amy.
  7. Which is your favorite deadly sin? gluttony.  I have zero portion control.
  8. Favorite arachnid? nope.  if they weren’t essential to the life cycle, I’d burn them all.
  9. 9. Name one person and which planet you would put them on to sufferI don’t care which planet, as long as they are away from me.  Kristen Stewart.  She’s a hack.
  10. Should a group of squid be called a squad? or a squiggle
  11. When I say “artisanal” what does it make you think of first? an artist doing anal.  yup.  yup.

OK, here are the suckers I’m gonna tag, and some of you have already done this but it doesn’t matter because my questions are clearly the best.

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1. Barefoot:  step on a lego, or walk across hot coals?

2. worst way to die?

3. which horror movie villain actually scares you?

4. guy or girl:   pee into the wind, or have pizza grease dripped on the back of your neck?

5. watch an opera in a language you don’t speak, or watch a 16-inning baseball game that ends in a score of 2-1?

6. You have to sleep with:  which old white republican senator would you sleep with?  why?

7. which is worse:  people who yell at their children in public, or snooty WASP parents with their lattes and hummer-sized strollers? (full disclosure:  soon I will be a parent with latte and giant stroller, but don’t let that influence you!)

8. which is worse:  having to sit through a sales presentation to get your free weekend at the time share, or watching all the political commercials during voting season back-to-back?

9. Name one celebrity you would like to make mute,deaf or blind and why

10. favorite childhood movie?

11. Tell us a story about your childhood pet or imaginary friend.

RULES:  Answer these questions in a post and then name 11 people to answer 11 questions of your choosing.


So I get home at 5 am last night, fueled by a night of laughter and tuna casserole, I immediately got on here. Sent out loads of fanmail. And then began one of the most adoring posts about character love of Harry Potter. I did wake up to see my screen with a long post of rambles. I also did say that the Weasley twins are great, to be their third musketeer would make my heart sing. And that they would protect me with their red eyes.
Yeah, now I am thinking of two fat muskrats with daunting red eyes.
But still mischievious, somehow adorable, despite those beady red eyes.

Will probably have a nightmare during the next week about those two muskrats.
Just how my mind works.

Well, pointing all of this out, because it just astounds me what silliness I can get into as my mind is also trying to force sleep, and I’m that enthralled child, testing my limits until I crash.

So after a long post of rambling there is ;/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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Loki stared at Tony before he slowly crept closer. “Yes? Mr. Stark?” He asked, listening to the older man’s words before he laughed, nervously. “Mr. Stark, I think you should sit down. You’re acting very silly…”

“Huh? … Aren’t I? Oh …” Tonio glanced back to the drip which was pulling a bit on his hand while he was standing at the edge of the bed, then sighed and sat back down on the hospital bed, feeling a bit whoozy anyway. “Don’t like it here…” He looked back to Loki “I mean it though. They’re up to no good with those beady little eyes. Just like squirrels.”