those love you are the cutest thing ever

Hittower’s deerplier must be one of the cutest thing I have ever seen! Also they’ve been feeling down so maybe this’ll brighten up their day a bit! (I’m sending you lots of love and hugs and maybe kisses if you’re comfortable with that (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧)

He just can’t get enough of those squishy cheeks! *squishy squishy*

Okay but aren’t stray animals the cutest things ever? I mean not literally it’s awful they have to go through all of those things but if you pet them or something they’re so cute and adorable and grateful and I fucking love them, kinda wish I could just stuff them in my coat pockets and love them down forever. Animals are fave.

Sometimes I watch kpop videos with my little cousin and he comes out with the cutest things.

Got7’s girls girls girls

“why do the girls love them”

“are you watching! The boys are going to do the flips!”

SHINee’s Dream Girl

“why do they wear girl clothes”


“Hey! Did you see that boy go up the wall???”

"Dweam girl~~~"

Exo’s Growl

"I like that dance cause I can do that"

“Get it on get it on Get it on day”

“what! No one can do that ever”

“there’s those boys but then there is more of them remember”

“Are they all brothers?”

Shinee doing H.O.T’s Candy

"Wow. Do all the girls scream for those boys?"

anonymous asked:

1st- I love you're blog so much! It's like the cutest thing ever!! 2nd- I love how your ask button says "inquiring minds" and 3rd- I'm kind of new to tumblr, so do you have any suggestions for classy or preppy blogs to follow? Thanks! Xx

Aww thank you so much! My favorite blogs are floridatexasgirl newprepnewlife neatandproper properandappropriate pinkburberries luckydayblog preppy-Brit-Becky and preppy-stateofmind. Those are a few of my favorites but I’m following a ton so pretty much any blog i reblog from is a winner winner chicken dinner. Thanks anon! :)

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You should talk about this "precious" girlfriend of yours.

   ❝Okay now listen here. My girlfriend is the greatest thing ever, she’s really
      funny and the cutest thing i have ever seen.  though she does pick on me
      from time to time, i still love her dearly. i surprises me that we got so close
      when we first met, because when we did, we just connected instantly. i’m
      very grateful to have her in my life honestly and i hope to keep her in my
      life for years to come.❞

400lu-x asked:

oh my god alba i remember when i first followed u you used to say you wanted to model and ppl wd come on anon and say u wd never make it and now look at you??? im kinda proud even tho we dont talk???

This is the cutest thing ever!!!! You’re so true, where are those anons now huuh? Hahahaha love you hun💕💕💕💕 thank you so much

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tell us more about this girl you love

She’s one of those people who walks among us that you would never know has been through horrible, horrible things. She’s so strong and I am proud she has made it so far. Her personality just radiates warmth to everyone around and each time we part ways I’m not quite ready to face the cold again, but I’m glad she was there for the time we had. Her beauty is unlike any other I’ve found and I see her as one of the cutest beings to have ever existed. Even if the feeling isn’t the same on both sides, I want to be there for her no matter what. I want to return to her what was so wrongfully taken. I want her to be able to smile freely again without worries and I will go to whatever length I need to to protect that dream. She deserves so much more.

anonymous asked:

  1. most shocking thing you’ve ever said - that one anon that said markiplier was problematic
  2. cutest personality quirk - those anons that are rlly sweet
  3. something that makes me think of you - asks
  4. a recommendation i have for you (for anything) - ask me more questions
  5. a prediction of your future - you will ask me more questions and maybe come off anon
  6. a funny story i recall concerning you - that one time when the anon was talking about my six foot six math teach omfg that still makes me laugh
  7. my nickname for you - anon

okay so this is such a dumb thing to start out with but like…your hair? Flawless. It’s so cute and it has the most fun texture and I love playing with it.

Also you are super cute in every way and I routinely just have to go “wow I have the cutest friends ever WOOOW” and you are often the impetus of those moments.

I’m super glad that we became friends…for a while there I was kinda uncertain and thinking that we were gonna spend the rest of our time kinda vaguely acknowledging each other’s presence but then we kinda bonded and I’m SO GLAD because you’re one of my best friends and I love you so much and how have I lived my life thus far without you this is ridiculous.

We need to get together and play videogames again soon. Maybe make some more pancakes or muffins or something.

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I know Valentines Day can be really difficult sometimes, and it may not be for you, but I just want you to know the 14th of February doesn't have to be a day of romance, regardless. It's supposed to be a day dedicated to the celebration of love, and let me tell you that some of the greatest love stories are those of family and friendship, and even love for yourself. So buy yourself that box of chocolates or that tiny stuffed animal or that beautiful rose. You deserve it ~your clique valentine 😘

this is the cutest thing ever oh my gosh you are SO sweet i love u so much friend thank u for being such a wonderful clique valentine!! your kindness has meant so much to me and i just appreciate every single message you’ve sent me okay i love u and i hope that today is a day full of love for u!! :*

Some happy things (I guess ?)

So, here is a list of things I like to watch/listen to when I feel down, I hope it will help you <3

That cat thing which is cute and funny


I love lizclimo drawings so have some! And Sheldon being a cutie!

Idk, that video of Jared and Jensen just never fails to make me smile, I hope you will like it too!

And this video is like the cutest thing ever!!

I’ll keep searching for things to send you, meanwhile just look at all this in a blanket with a hot chocolate my dear <3

Omgomgomgomgomgomgg duchesspeggy you are the greatest this is so cool I’mma put it on my about tag and woW those penguins a’krAWG hRJP JAWGf

I LOVE YOU LOTS <3333333333

laffles asked:


Most shocking thing you’ve ever said
Nothing yall say is shocking darl (leaving your answer like a boss)

Cutest personality quirk
Your random obsessions with literally everything

Something that makes me think of you
Dragon age, shitty dating sims

A recommendation i have for you (for anything)

A prediction of your future
happy in Canada with loving friends and family YAY BIG HOPES

A funny story i recall concerning you

My nickname for you
Laf, Laffles, nerd